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December 5, 2010

60 years ago

On television tonight
Suspense, on CBS
Tonight's episode: The Guy from Nowhere, starring Lawrence Fletcher, Catherine McLeod, and Barry Nelson

Chinese forces entered the North Korean capital of Pyongyang as United Nations troops were pushed back towards South Korea.

World heavyweight champion Ezzard Charles (66-5-1) retained his title with an 11-round knockout of Nick Barone (43-9-1) at the Cincinnati Gardens. Mr. Barone had never been knocked down until the knockout.

50 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in the U.S.A. (Billboard): Are You Lonesome To-Night?--Elvis Presley (2nd week at #1)

World events
Pierre Lagaillarde, who had led the 1958 and 1960 European insurgencies in Algeria, failed to appear in a Paris court and was reported to have fled with four fellow defendants to Spain en route to Algeria. Mr, Lagaillarde and 14 others on trial before a military tribunal for their part in the 1960 Algerian uprising had been granted provisional liberty, most of them before the trial began.

40 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in the U.K.: I Hear You Knocking--Dave Edmunds (2nd week at #1)

#1 single in the U.S.A. (Billboard): I Think I Love You--The Partridge Family (3rd week at #1)

U.S. top 10 (Cash Box)
1 I Think I Love You--The Partridge Family (3rd week at #1)
2 The Tears of a Clown--Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
3 Gypsy Woman--Brian Hyland
4 I’ll Be There--The Jackson 5
5 Share the Land--The Guess Who
6 Montego Bay--Bobby Bloom
7 5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years of Love)--The Presidents
8 See Me, Feel Me--The Who
9 Heaven Help Us All--Stevie Wonder
10 You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me--Elvis Presley

Singles entering the chart included Ruby Tuesday by Melanie (#64); Love the One You’re With by Stephen Stills (#78); Heartbreak Hotel by Frijid Pink (#82); A Whiter Shade of Pale by R.B. Greaves (#84); and Sweet Mary by Wadsworth Mansion (#99).

Calgary’s top 10
1 I Think I Love You--The Partridge Family
2 Fly Little White Dove, Fly--The Bells
3 Share the Land--The Guess Who
4 Gypsy Woman--Brian Hyland
5 Burning Bridges--The Mike Curb Congregation
6 Fire and Rain--James Taylor
7 See Me, Feel Me--The Who
8 Heed the Call--Kenny Rogers and the First Edition
9 You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me--Elvis Presley
10 I’ll Be There--The Jackson 5
Pick hit of the week: No Matter What--Badfinger

Pope Paul VI ended his Asian tour, leaving Colombo, Ceylon and flying back to the Vatican.

30 years ago

It was disclosed that messages from Thomas Watson, the U.S. Ambassador to the U.S.S.R., to the U.S. State Department indicated that U.S. Senator Charles Percy (Republican--Illinois) had told Soviet leaders that he favoured a Palestinian state led by Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Since Sen. Percy was to become chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the announcement stirred anger in the State Department, the Pentagon, and President-elect Ronald Reagan’s transition team.

King Khalid of Saudi Arabia invited King Hussein of Jordan and Syrian President Hafez al-Assad to Riyadh to talk over their differences.

The U.S.A. suspended $25 million in new military aid to El Salvador pending the report of a fact-finding mission led by former assistant secretary of state for inter-American affairs William Rogers. The mission was sent after the bodies of four American Roman Catholic nuns and a female lay worker had been found in a crude grave 25 miles southeast of San Salvador the previous day. Extreme rightist groups were being blamed for the murders.

The leaders of the U.S.S.R. and their eastern European allies held a surprise meeting in Moscow to discuss the labour unrest in Poland. The Polish trade union movement Solidarity assured the nation that no further strikes were being planned.

The Iranian government announced that Iraqi bombers had destroyed a main oil pipeline, and that Iran had retaliated by bombing the Iraqi oil terminal of Fao.

U.S. Surgeon General Julius Richmond reported that while the overall death rate for all Americans had dropped by 20% from 1960-1978, it had grown 11% for people aged 15-24. In the single year of 1977-78, the rate had jumped by 3%. Blamed were deaths from automobile accidents and murders stemming from drug and alcohol abuse and emotional problems. In addition to these statistics, infant mortality had dropped by 47% to 13 deaths per 1,000 live births; motor vehicle deaths were up; and deaths from heart disease were down by 20%.

Economics and finance
The United States Labor Department reported that unemployment rate had fallen in November from 7.6%-7.5%, indicating a small economic recovery.

25 years ago

On television tonight
The Twilight Zone, on CITV
Tonight’s episode: The Beacon, starring Charles Martin Smith; One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty, starring Peter Riegert

20 years ago

Economics and finance
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation President Gerard Veilleux announced that in April 1991 budget cuts would take effect that would cut 1,110 jobs--about 10% of CBC’s work force. He added that the CBC would close three of its flagship stations and abandon all local programming services to concentrate on national and regional programming. Federal government support for CBC had increased by about 2% per year since the Progressive Conservative government had taken power in 1984, but was below the rate of inflation. This was combined with a decline in advertising revenue of $50 million in 1990. Opposition members of parliament criticized the government for failing to provide adequate support for CBC, accusing the government of not restructuring CBC, but dismembering it.

10 years ago

World events
A United Nations report made public said that poverty and unemployment in Palestinian-controlled areas in the West bank and Gaza Strip were up sharply. Because of Israeli restrictions during the current strife, about 20% of the Palestinian workers had been unable to get to their jobs in Israel, causing mush economic hardship. Pounding by Israeli bombs had caused substantial damage to buildings.

The Democratic and Republican parties elected their leaders for the new United States Senate that would take office on January 3, 2001. Trent Lott of Mississippi was chosen majority (Republican) leader, while Tom Daschle of South Dakota would be the minority (Democratic) leader. Technically, the Democrats would remain the majority party until January 20, when Republican Dick Cheney would replace Vice-President Al Gore as President of the Senate and would have the power to cast the deciding vote to break a tie.

Seagram Company was voted out of existence in a merger between the 76-year-old Canadian distiller and French conglomerate Vivendi.

Shaw Communications Ltd. announced plans to purchase Moffat Communications of Winnipeg and consolidate the cable industry leader’s hold on the western Canadian market.

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