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January 19, 2011

Born on this date
Happy Birthday, Inese!

80 years ago

On the radio
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Richard Gordon and Leigh Lovell, on NBC
Tonight’s episode: The Naval Treaty

70 years ago

On the radio
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, on NBC
Tonight’s episode: The Hound of the Baskervilles, Part 2

50 years ago

Four crewmen were killed but all 98 passengers survived when a Mexican Aeronaves Airlines DC-8 jet crashed and exploded on takeoff from Idlewild Airport in New York City.

40 years ago

Politics and government
Carl Albert (Democrat--Oklahoma) was named Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, succeeding the retiring John W. McCormack. Mr. Albert had only token opposition from John Conyers (Democrat--Michigan), a Negro, and Mr. Albert won the vote 220-20. At the same Democratic party caucus, Hale Boggs of Louisiana was chosen as House majority leader, defeating Morris Udall of Arizona 140-88 on the second ballot. Mr. Udall was backed by liberal-minded reformers.

New York City policemen ended a six-day wildcat strike when delegates of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association concluded a tumultuous meeting by voting 229-112 to return to work. 85% of the city’s 27,400 patrolmen had reported for work in civilian clothes but had not gone on duty, while officers had manned the precincts and patrolled the streets. The rebellion was over an issue of wage parity.

In a move applauded by conservationists, U.S. President Richard Nixon ordered a halt to further construction of the Cross-Florida Barge Canal, which had been approved by the U.S. Congress in 1942, and for which $50 million had already been spent to build nearly 1/3 of the 107-mile-long canal.

30 years ago

The United States agreed to unfreeze Iran’s $8 billion in assets and release its deposits in U.S. banks. Iran agreed to repay all its U.S. bank loans. The agreement was the last major step in negotiating the release of 52 hostages from the U.S. embassy in Tehran, who had been held captive by Islamic militants since November 4, 1979. A last-minute dispute arose over the appendix to the agreement, with Iran objecting that the accord would force Iran to drop any claims on the U.S. beyond the money that the U.S. would transfer into escrow accounts. The dispute had the effect of postponing the hostages’ release for one day, until minutes after the January 20 inauguration of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States.

20 years ago

Hit parade
U.S. top 10 (Cash Box)
1 Justify My Love--Madonna (4th week at #1)
2 High Enough--Damn Yankees
3 Love Will Never Do (Without You)--Janet Jackson
4 Tom’s Diner--D.N.A. featuring Suzanne Vega
5 The First Time--Surface
6 Sensitivity--Ralph Tresvant
7 Because I Love You (The Postman Song)--Stevie B
8 Impulsive--Wilson Phillips
9 From a Distance--Bette Midler
10 I’m Your Baby Tonight--Whitney Houston

Canada's top 10 (RPM)
1 Freedom--George Michael
2 You Gotta Love Someone--Elton John
3 Justify My Love--Madonna
4 Love Will Never Do (Without You)--Janet Jackson
5 I'm Your Baby Tonight--Whitney Houston
6 One and Only Man-Steve Winwood
7 Til I Am Myself Again--Blue Rodeo
8 Disappear--INXS
9 Because I Love You (The Postman Song)--Stevie B
10 Hang in Long Enough--Phil Collins

Singles entering the chart included All This Time by Sting (#46); Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C + C Music Factory featuring Freedom Williams (#50); Sensitivity by Ralph Tresvant (#57); and Secret by Heart (#80).

All-Star Game
Clarence S. Cambell Conference 11 Prince of Wales Conference 5

10 years ago

U.S. President Bill Clinton, on his last full day in office, announced an agreement with independent counsel Robert Ray that would spare him the risk of being indicted after he left office. In the agreement, Mr. Clinton stated for the first time that "certain of my responses to questions about Ms. Lewinsky were false," referring to a 1998 deposition he gave in a suit filed against him by Paula Jones for sexual misconduct. Mr. Clinton agreed to pay a fine of $25,000 to the Arkansas Bar Association and to forfeit his law license for five years.

The day after U.S. civil rights leader Rev. Jesse Jackson admitted that he had fathered an illegitimate daughter by an employee of his Rainbow/PUSH coalition, the coalition disclosed that it had given a $35,000 "severance package" to the girl’s mother, Karin Stanford.

6-month-old twin girls from the United States who had been adopted by a British couple in a deal conducted over the Internet were seized from a hotel in northern Wales and taken into care.

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