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December 10, 2020

500 years ago

Martin Luther publicly burned his copy of Exsurge Domine--the papal bull demanding that he recant or face excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church--outside Wittenberg's Elster Gate.

410 years ago

Born on this date
Adriaen van Ostade
. Dutch artist. Mr. van Ostade painted scenes of everyday life, the number of which was estimated at anywhere from 385 to over 900. He died at the age of 74 and was buried on May 2, 1685.

190 years ago

Born on this date
Emily Dickinson
. U.S. poet. Miss Dickinson, a lifelong resident of Amherst, Massachusetts, wrote 1,800 poems, only 10 of which were published during her lifetime, which ended at the age of 55 on May 15, 1886 at the age of 55 after a period of illness. Her poems often dealt with the subjects of death and immortality. Miss Dickinson achieved posthumous fame after anthologies of her poems began appearing in 1890.

130 years ago

Born on this date
László Bárdossy
. Prime Minister of Hungary, 1941-1942. Mr. Bárdossy, a member of the Party of Hungarian Life, held several positions before succeeding Pál Teleki as Prime Minister upon the latter's suicide on April 3, 1941. Mr. Bárdossy pursued a pro-German policy before resigning under duress in March 1942. He was arrested at the end of World Aar II and was executed by firing squad in Budapest on January 10, 1946 at the age of 55, two months after after being convicted by the People's Court of war crimes and collaboration with the Nazis.

120 years ago

Archbishop of Montréal Louis Bégin intervened to end the Québec Shoe Workers' lockout, which had begun on October 27, 1900. It was the first direct intervention in a labour conflict by Québec's Roman Catholic clergy and the first step toward the creation of Catholic unions.

100 years ago

Born on this date
Reginald Rose
. U.S. writer. Mr. Rose was one of the writers responsible for the early years of television being known as the medium’s “Golden Age.” He wrote Twelve Angry Men, which aired on the television drama program Studio One in 1954, and became a successful movie in 1957. Mr. Rose also created the courtroom series The Defenders, which won many awards during its run from 1961-1965. He died from complications of heart failure on April 19, 2012 at the age of 81.

Died on this date
Horace Elgin Dodge, 52
. U.S. automotive executive. Mr. Dodge and his brother John Francis co-founded Dodge Brothers Company in 1901. Both brothers died as a result of the flu epidemic in 1920.

80 years ago

British troops captured Sidi Barrani, Egypt, with the capture of 38,000 Italian prisoners.

12,000 people greeted the Duke and Duchess of Windsor when they arrived at the airport in Miami from the Bahamas to begin their first visit to the United States since their marriage in 1937.

Politics and government
U.S. Attorney General Robert Jackson wrote to Representative Jerry Voorhis (Democrat--California) of the House of Representatives Committee on Un-American Activities, saying that the two bodies could cooperate in their investigation into fifth column activities.

Economics and finance
The Japanese cabinet approved a budget that would exceed 10 million yen--more than the entire national debt in 1936, when the war against China had begun.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that iron ore, pig iron, ferro alloys, and certain iron and steel manufactures would be placed under export licensing controls on December 30, 1940. The act was seen as a major blow to Japan, which was heavily dependent on American exports of those items.

The U.S. National Association of Manufacturers announced that it was analyzing 800 public school textbooks for teachings subversive of the government or free enterprise.

The National and American Leagues, meeting separately in Chicago, re-elected Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis as commissioner for another five-year term.

75 years ago

Hit parade
U.S.A. Top 10 (Cash Box)
1 It's Been a Long Long Time--Harry James and his Orchestra (4th week at #1)
--Bing Crosby with Les Paul and his Trio
--Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra
--Stan Kenton and his Orchestra
2 Chickery Chick--Sammy Kaye and his "Swing and Sway" Orchestra with Nancy Norman, Billy Williams and the Kaye Choir
--Evelyn Knight and the Jesters
3 It Might as Well Be Spring--Paul Weston and his Orchestra with Margaret Whiting
--Dick Haymes
4 I'll Buy that Dream--Helen Forrest and Dick Haymes
--Harry James and his Orchestra
--Hal McIntyre and his Orchestra
5 Till the End of Time--Perry Como
--Dick Haymes
--Les Brown and his Orchestra
6 That's for Me--Dick Haymes
--Jo Stafford
7 I Can't Begin to Tell You--Bing Crosby with Carmen Cavallaro
--Andy Russell
--Harry James and his Orchestra
8 Waitin' for the Train to Come In--Peggy Lee
--Harry James and his Orchestra
--Johnny Long and his Orchestra and Dick Robertson
9 Symphony--Freddy Martin and his Orchestra
--Benny Goodman and his Orchestra
10 It's Only a Paper Moon--Benny Goodman and his Orchestra
--Ella Fitzgerald and the Delta Rhythm Boys

Singles entering the chart were the version of Chickery Chick by Evelyn Knight and the Jesters; Dig You Later (A Hubba-Hubba-Hubba) by Perry Como and the Satisfyers (#21); and Doctor Lawyer, Indian Chief by Betty Hutton (#23).

On the radio
The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, on MBS
Tonight's episode: A Scandal in Bohemia

Died on this date
Theodor Dannecker, 32
. German SS officer. Hauptsturmführer (Captain) Dannecker was one of Adolf Eichmann's associates in the genocide of Jews during World War II. He committed sucide shortly after being arrested by the U.S. Army.

British Royal Air Force planes destroyed the Javanese village of Chibadak, where a convoy had been ambushed by Indonesians the previous night, killing 20 people and wounding 65. The Chinese government in Chungking reported that 120,000 Communists had been attacking Linchang on the Tientsin-Pukow railway for 13 days. At the hearings of the United States Senate committee on the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, General George Marshall gave evidence of Japanese troop movement via ships into the South China Sea at the end of November 1941.

U.S. President Harry Truman named six American members to the British-American committee of inquiry on Palestine, while the U.K. government of Prime Minister Clement Attlee announced six British members.

Politics and government
Prime Minister Alcide de Gasperi and his six-party cabinet were sworn in, the sixth for Italy since the Allied invasion.

Allied Supreme Commander in the Pacific General Douglas MacArthur ordered the Japanese government to submit a land reform plan before March 15, 1946.

U.S. Representatives May and Fred Vinson introduced bills to create a separate Air Force with a cabinet-level secretary and a U.S. Aviation Academy.

Economics and finance
The Allied Control Council allotted 26 industrial plants in western Germany (value of $92 million) to 19 Allied nations as reparations.

United Mine Workers of America President John L. Lewis criticized U.S. President Truman's proposal for government fact-finding commissions in important labour disputes, calling it "the first step" toward an "absolute state to regulate the liberties of all citizens."

United Auto Workers offered Ford Motor Company a no-strike, no lockout "security" plan.

An Argentine appeals court upheld the dismissal of a government suit against New York Times correspondent Arnaldo Cortesi, with charged him with writing insulting articles about Argentine President Juan Peron.

70 years ago

New York State Civil Defense Commissioner Lawrence Wilkinson unveiled a disaster plan for the medical profession in the event of an atomic attack on the state's eight largest cities, estimating 120,000 causalties in New York City alone.

Economics and finance
The U.S. Commerce Department reported that American industry planned to spend a record $4.8 billion on new factories and equipment during the first quarter of 1951, an increase of 30% over the corresponding 1950 period.

Baltimore (1-11) 14 @ New York Yanks (7-5) 51
Cleveland (10-2) 45 @ Washington (3-9) 21
New York Giants (10-2) 9 @ Philadelphia (6-6) 7
Chicago Cardinals (5-7) 7 @ Pittsburgh (6-6) 28
Detroit (6-6) 3 @ Chicago Bears (9-3) 6
Green Bay (3-9) 14 @ San Francisco (3-9) 30

George Ratterman and Zollie Toth each scored 2 touchdowns for the Yanks as they routed the Colts before just 6,386 fans at Yankee Stadium. Quarterback Y.A. Tittle rushed for both Baltimore touchdowns. It was the last game for the original Colts; owner Abraham Watner returned the franchise to the National Football League on January 18, 1951.

60 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Australia (Kent Music Report): Save the Last Dance for Me--The Drifters (3rd week at #1)

#1 single in Italy: Il cielo in una stanza--Mina (9th week at #1)

#1 single in West Germany (Media Control): Ein Schiff wird kommen--Lale Andersen (8th week at #1)

#1 single in the U.K. (Record Mirror): It’s Now or Never--Elvis Presley (6th week at #1)

U.S.A. Top 10 (Cash Box)
1 Are You Lonesome To-night?--Elvis Presley (3rd week at #1)
2 Last Date--Floyd Cramer
3 He Will Break Your Heart--Jerry Butler
4 A Thousand Stars--Kathy Young with the Innocents
5 New Orleans--U.S. Bonds
6 Stay--Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
7 Poetry in Motion--Johnny Tillotson
8 North to Alaska--Johnny Horton
9 Wonderland by Night--Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra
10 Sailor (Your Home is the Sea)--Lolita

Singles entering the chart were Artificial Flowers by Phil Napoleon and his Memphis Five (#42, charting with the version by Bobby Darin); Shop Around by the Miracles (#70); Ramona by the Blue Diamonds (#90); Twistin' Bells by Santo & Johnny (#91); Gloria's Theme by Adam Wade (#95); I Idolize You by Ike & Tina Turner (#98); Angel Baby by Rosie and the Originals (#99); Lovey Dovey by Buddy Knox (#100); The Age for Love by Jimmy Charles (also #100); and Walk Slow by Little Willie John (also #100).

Vancouver's Top 10 (CFUN)
1 Are You Lonesome To-night?--Elvis Presley (3rd week at #1)
2 Doll House--Donnie Brooks
3 The Sock--The Valentines
4 Lovey Dovey--Buddy Knox
5 Lonely Teenager--Dion
6 Last Date--Floyd Cramer
7 The Hucklebuck--Chubby Checker
8 Rubber Ball--Bobby Vee
9 Wonderland by Night--Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra
10 A Thousand Stars--Kathy Young with the Innocents

Singles entering the chart were Corinna, Corinna by Ray Peterson (#27); Wings of a Dove by Paul Clayton (#33); I'm Hurtin' by Roy Orbison (#38); Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread) by Brook Benton (#41); Is There Something on Your Mind by Jack Scott (#42); Sad Mood by Sam Cooke (#44); Pepe by Duane Eddy and the Rebels (#45); What am I Gonna Do by Jimmy Clanton (#46); Tomorrow by the Shirelles (#48); (I Wanna) Love My Life Away by Gene Pitney (#49); and Ruby by Ray Charles (#50). Pepe was a version of the title theme of the movie.

Vancouver's Top 10 (CKWX)
1 Are You Lonesome To-night?--Elvis Presley (4th week at #1)
2 Wonderland by Night--Anita Bryant
--Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra
3 North to Alaska--Johnny Horton
4 Exodus--Ferrante and Teicher
5 The Sock--The Valentines
6 Lovey Dovey--Buddy Knox
7 You're Sixteen--Johnny Burnette
8 Dear John--Pat Boone
9 Doll House--Donnie Brooks
10 The Hucklebuck--Chubby Checker

Singles entering the chart were Blue Christmas by the Browns (#30); Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee (#32); Oh, Lonesome Me by Bob Luman (#33); I'm Hurtin' by Roy Orbison (#34); Corinna, Corinna by Ray Peterson (#38); and Tomorrow by the Shirelles (#39).

On television tonight
The Roaring 20's, on ABC
Tonight's episode: Bold Edition

A space capsule ejected by the U.S. satellite Discoverer 18 was recovered in midair over the Pacific Ocean by a Hawaii-based U.S. Air Force C-119 piloted by Captain Gene W. Jones. It was the third such recovery and the second in a row credited to Capt. Jones.

Benny "Kid" Paret (34-8-3) retained his world welterweight title with a 15-round unanimous decision over Luis Federico Thompson (125-10-10) at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Green Bay (7-4) 13 @ San Francisco (6-5) 0

Denver (4-8-1) 33 @ Los Angeles (9-4) 41

50 years ago

At the Paris peace talks, the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong spurned an offer by the U.S.A. and South Vietnam to release all North Vietnamese and Viet Cong prisoners if U.S. and other prisoners held by the Communists were to be freed.

At least 83 people were killed when a dam burst on a tea estate in Ceylon.

Former world lightweight champion Mando Ramos (30-4) scored a technical knockout of Raul Rojas (38-7-2) 48 seconds into the 6th round at Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. It was Mr. Rojas' last fight.

40 years ago

U.S.S.R. cosmonauts Leonid Kizim, Oleg Makarov, and Gennady Strekalov returned home to conclude the 13-day mission Soyuz T-3, which included repairing and testing the space station Salyut 6. It was the sixth Soviet manned space mission of 1980 and the first three-man mission since 1971. The crew performed maintenance and repairs on the station’s temperature control, telemetry, and refuelling systems. Salyut 6 had been in space for more than three years and had been visited by 13 crews, including seven with astronauts from other countries.

Jordan announced that 36 U.S.-made tanks had been turned over to Jordan by Iraq as a gesture of thanks for Jordan’s help to Iraq in its war with Iran. The tanks had been captured from the Iranian armed forces. Some Syrian troops were being pulled back from the border, and Jordan indicated that it would also remove some if its soldiers.

Representative John Jenrette (Democrat--South Carolina) resigned to avoid being expelled from the U.S. House of Representatives, following his conviction on charges related to the FBI's Abscam investigation.

The second instance of a woman becoming a surrogate mother by delivering a baby belonging to another woman was reported in Knoxville, Tennessee. The surrogate mother had been impregnated by artificial insemination with the sperm of her sister’s husband.

30 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Finland (Musiikkituottajat – IFPI Finland): I've Been Thinking About You--Londonbeat (2nd week at #1)

#1 single in Germany (Media Control): Sadeness Part I--Enigma (5th week at #1)

Died on this date
Armand Hammer, 92
. U.S. businessman. Mr. Hammer, the son of a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant known for socialist and Communist activities, was best known as president and chief executive officer of Occidental Petroleum from 1957 until his death, and for his ties with political leaders in the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R. Mr. Hammer's private "citizen diplomacy" led to suspicions and accusations that he was, in the words of biographer Edward Jay Epstein, a "virtual spy" for the Soviet Union.

World events
100 British hostages who had been held in the Persian Gulf since August arrived home after their release by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

Politics and government
Canadian Liberal Party leader Jean Chretien was elected to the House of Commons in a by-election in the New Brunswick riding of Beausejour. Mr. Chretien took 52% of the vote to 39% for New Democratic Party candidate Guy Cormier.

Economics and finance
Nine days after the U.S.S.R. had initiated food rationing in Leningrad and three other cities, Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze appealed to the United States for food.

25 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in New Zealand (RIANZ): Gangsta's Paradise--Coolio featuring L.V. (7th week at #1)

#1 single in Austria (Ö3): Knockin'--Double Vision (7th week at #1)

#1 single in Switzerland: Earth Song--Michael Jackson

Died on this date
Darren Robinson, 28
. U.S. rapper. Mr. Robinson recorded under various names, but was best known as a member of the Fat Boys. He reportedly weighed 450 pounds at the time of his death from a heart attack.

The Israeli army withdrew from the West Bank city of Nablus pursuant to the terms of the Oslo Accord.

Calgary-based Alberta Energy Company (AEC) acquired Conwest Exploration in a $1-billion deal that created one of Canada's largest oil and gas producers.

20 years ago

Died on this date
Marie Windsor, 81
. U.S. actress. Miss Windsor, born Emily Marie Bertelsen, was known as "Queen of the B's," playing femme fatale characters in movies such as Force of Evil (1948); The Narrow Margin (1952); and The Killing (1956). She frequently appeared on television until her early 70s, and died of congestive heart failure, the day before her 81st birthday.

Politics and government
After four years out of power, Ion Iliescu recaptured the presidency of Romania in a runoff election, defeating nationalist candidate Corneliu Vadim Tudor by a 2-1 margin.

World events
The day after his release from prison, former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arrived in Saudi Arabia along with nearly 20 relatives under an agreement to stay in exile for 10 years; not to run for office for 21 years; and to give up US$10 million in property and other assets.

10 years ago

Died on this date
John Fenn, 93
. U.S. chemist. Dr. Fenn shared the 2002 Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Koichi Tanaka "for the development of methods for identification and structure analyses of biological macromolecules [...] for their development of soft desorption ionisation methods for mass spectrometric analyses of biological macromolecules."

Norm Gratton, 59. Canadian hockey player. Mr. Gratton, a native of LaSalle, Quebec and the older brother of goaltender Gilles Gratton, played left wing with Montreal Canadiens junior team (1968-70), and was drafted in the first round (11th overall) by the New York Rangers in 1970. He played with the Rangers (1971-72); Atlanta Flames (1972-73); Buffalo Sabres (1973-75); and Minnesota North Stars (1975-76), scoring 83 points on 39 goals and 44 assists in 201 regular season games, and 1 assist in 6 playoff games. Mr. Gratton finished his career in the minor leagues in 1976-77, and died in Montreal, 12 days before his 60th birthday.

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