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June 6, 2021

250 years ago

Politics and government
Hector Crémahé was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Québec; he served from September 26, 1771-May 23, 1782.

160 years ago

Died on this date
Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, 50
. Prime Minister Piedmont-Sardinia, 1852-1859, 1860-1861. Prime Minister of Italy, 1861. Count Cavour, associated with the Historical Right, was a member of the Sardinian Chamber of Deputies (1848-1861), and was Minister of Agriculture and Trade (1850-1852) and Minister of Finances (1851-1852) before serving as Prime Minister. He was regarded as a very effective politician, leading Piedmont through the Crimean War, the Second Italian War of Independence, and Giuseppe Garibaldi's expeditions, to become a new power in Europe. King Vittorio Emmanuel II proclaimed the Kingdom of Italy on March 17, 1861, and Count Cavour took office as the first Prime Minister on March 23. The combination of long workdays, insomnia, and worry led to Count Cavour falling ill, presumably from malaria, and he died after less than three months as Prime Minister of united Italy.

The Canada Presbyterian Church was formed in Toronto by the fusion of the Free Church of Scotland and the United Presbyterian Church.

The Maid of the Mist became the first vessel to navigate the Niagara River's whirlpool rapids.

140 years ago

Died on this date
Henri Vieuxtemps, 61.
. Belgian musician and composer. Mr. Vieuxtemps was a prominent classical concert violinist from 1829 through the 1870s. His dozens of compositions consisted mainly of works for violin; he was best known for his seven violin concertos. Mr. Vieuxtemps suffered a couple of serious strokes in the late 1870s.

130 years ago

Died on this date
John A. Macdonald, 76
. Prime Minister of Canada, 1867-1873; 1878-1891. Sir John A., a Conservative, was Deputy Premier of the United Province of Canada from 1856-1857; 1858-1862; and 1864-1865, and Premier from 1857-1858. Upon Confederation on July 1, 1867, he became the first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada. He resigned his government in 1873 and served as Leader of the Opposition until regaining power in 1878. During his time in office, Canada expanded from its original four provinces to include the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Prince Edward Island, and the Canadian Pacific Railway was built. Sir John A. died three months after leading the Conservatives to another majority government in the federal election. He was succeeded as Prime Minister by Sir John Abbott.

Cornwall, Ontario was hit by a tornado that destroyed 500 homes.

120 years ago

Born on this date
Jan Struther
. U.K. authoress. Miss Struther, whose real name was Joyce Anstruther, wrote poems and hymns, but was best known for creating the character Mrs Miniver in a series of columns that began appearing in The Times of London in 1937, were published as a book in 1939, and were the basis of the movie Mrs. Miniver (1942). Miss Struther suffered from depression for many years, and died of breast cancer on July 20, 1953 at the age of 52.

Sukarno. President of Indonesia, 1945-1967. After spending many years as Indonesia's best-known nationalist leader, Sukarno declared the country's independence from the Netherlands in August 1945, triggering a four-year guerrilla war from which he emerged triumphant. The high point of his reign was probably when he played host to the Afro-Asian Conference of emerging nations in Bandung in April 1955. Sukarno was toppled from power by the army, led by General Suharto, in March 1966 following an unsuccessful Communist coup and a military purge that resulted in the slaughter of 300,000 Indonesians. He died on June 21, 1970, 15 days after his 69th birthday.

110 years ago

Representatives of Canada's major universities met at McGill University in Montreal to found the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).

100 years ago

Bill Gatewood of the Detroit Stars pitched the first no-hitter in Negro League history, blanking the Cuban All-Stars 4-0.

90 years ago

Horse racing
Twenty Grand, with Charley Kurtsinger aboard, won the 63rd running of the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park, New York in a time of 2:29 3/5. First prize money was $58,770.

80 years ago

Died on this date
Louis Chevrolet, 62
. Swiss-born U.S. auto racing driver and automobile executive. Mr. Chevrolet drove race cars and designed engines in his native country before moving to Paris, Montreal, New York City, and Detroit. On November 8, 1911, Mr. Chevrolet, along with W.C. Durant and William Little and Edwin Campbell, founded the Chevrolet Motor Car Company, which joined General Motors in 1917. In 1916, Louis and younger brothers Arthur and Gaston founded the Frontenac Motor Corporation. As a driver, he competed in the Indianapolis 500 in 1915 (finishing 20th); 1916 (12th); 1919 (7th); and 1920 (18th). Because of America’s entry into World War I, there was no 500-mile race at Indianapolis on Decoration Day in 1917 and 1918, but there was a 250-mile race at Cincinnati on that date in 1917, and Louis Chevrolet was the winner. He lost his wealth in the stock market crash in 1929, and was forced to go back to work as a mechanic in a Chevrolet factory. He died nearly penniless in Detroit.

The 125th Newfoundland Night Fighter Squadron was formed as a unit of the Royal Air Force. A Japanese military spokesman said that 50,000 Chinese troops had been killed and 25,000 taken prisoner during the Japanese spring offensive in southern Shansi Province.

World events
Former Egyptian Army chief of staff General Aziz el Masri Pasha was arrested in a Cairo suburb; he had reportedly tried to escape to Iraq three years earlier.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an alien ship seizure bill and issued an executive order authorizing the Maritime Commission to commandeer such vessels in U.S. ports for national defense purposes.

The American Writers Congress in New York presented the Randolph Bourne Memorial Award for "distinguished service to the cause of culture and peace" to Theodore Dreiser.

Economics and finance
The Netherlands East Indies government delivered a generally unfavourable reply to Japanese trade demands.

Members of the American Federation of Teachers voted to revoke the charters of the New York Teachers Union; New York College Teachers Union; and Philadelphia Teachers Union on charges of being Communist-controlled.

The Pittsburgh Pirates swept a doubleheader from the New York Giants 5-4 and 4-3 before 8,324 fans at the Polo Grounds in New York, as the Giants became the first major league team to wear plastic batting helmets. New York right fielder Mel Ott hit his 13th and 14th home runs of the season in the second game.

75 years ago

Died on this date
Gerhart Hauptmann, 83
. German author and playwright. Mr. Hauptmann, a major figure in the movement of literary naturalism, was awarded the 1912 Nobel Prize in Literature "primarily in recognition of his fruitful, varied and outstanding production in the realm of dramatic art."

A U.S. government White Paper listed American World War II casualties as: armed forces--916,699 (357,116 killed, 6,244 missing, 369,267 wounded, 184,072 imprisoned or interned); civilians--60,595 killed.

Chinese leader Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek ordered a 15-day truce in Manchuria starting at noon on June 7.

Argentina and the U.S.S.R. resumed relations, which had been broken in 1918.

The United Nations Security Council gave Secretary-General Trygve Lie power to intervene in any of its debates.

Politics and government
The Moslem League's executive council voted to accept the British cabinet's plan for a free India.

U.S. President Harry Truman named War Reconversion Director John Snyder as Secretary of the Treasury.

U.S. President Truman named Secretary of the Treasury Fred Vinson as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The New York Academy of Medicine Bulletin revealed that German refugee Dr. Walter Loewe had developed a drug called anthalian which relieved hay fever and other allergies.

Economics and finance
Soviet occupation zone commander Marshal Vassily Sokolovsky asserted that his troops had stopped all dismantling of German factories as of May 1, 1946.

A 32-nation International Labor Organization Conference opened in Seattle to consider the establishment of an international minimum wage for maritime workers.

The Basketball Association of America, forerunner of the National Basketball Association, was formed with 11 teams, and Maurice Podoloff as president. The charter franchises were: Boston Celtics; Chicago Stags; Cleveland Rebels; Detroit Falcons; New York Knickerbockers; Philadelphia Warriors; Pittsburgh Ironmen; Providence Steam Rollers; St. Louis Bombers; Toronto Huskies; and Washington Capitols.

70 years ago

Politics and government
The U.S. House of Representatives defeated a proposal to build a separate Veterans Administration hospital for Negroes in Franklin County, Virginia.

Economics and finance
Cattle shipments to Midwestern U.S. markets dropped to a three-year low due to a protest by ranchers and processors against the meat price rollback, forcing Armour and Wilson to shut down their Chicago beef plants.

60 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Norway (VG-lista): Greenfields--The Brothers Four

On the radio
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, starring Erling Lindahl and Einar Vaage, on Norsk Rikskringkasting (Norwegian State Broadcasting Corporation)
Tonight's episode: The Red Circle

On television tonight
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond, hosted by John Newland, on ABC
Tonight's episode: The Villa, starring Elizabeth Sellars, Geoffrey Toone, and Marla Landi

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, on NBC
Tonight's episode: Servant Problem, starring Jo Van Fleet and John Emery

Thriller, hosted by Boris Karloff, on NBC
Tonight's episode: Pigeons from Hell, starring Brandon de Wilde, Crahan Denton, and David Whorf

Died on this date
Carl Jung, 85
. Swiss psychiatrist. Dr. Jung, the son of a Swiss Reformed pastor, had numerous mystical experiences, teetered on the brink of insanity for years, and had conversations with a spiritual being he called Philemon. Like most psychotherapists, Dr. Jung went into the field in order to find out about his own problems. He corresponded with Sigmund Freud and was regarded by Dr. Freud as his successor in the field of psychoanalysis, but Dr. Jung eventually went in a different direction, and became the founder of analytical psychology, which included an emphasis on invididuation (the lifelong psychological process of differentiation of the self out of each individual's conscious and unconscious elements). Dr. Jung was associated with terms such as archetypes and collective unconscious. He suffered from circulatory difficulties in his later years, and died after a short illness.

Canadian University Services Overseas (CUSO), an organization for volunteer work in third world countries by new university graduates, was founded.

Don Demeter and Clay Dalrymple each hit a home run and batted in 5 runs to help the Philadelphia Phillies defeat the San Francisco Giants 13-9 before 10,533 fans at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The Giants scored 5 runs with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th inning before Ken Lehman relieved Dallas Green and retired pinch hitter Joey Amalfitano on a force play.

50 years ago

The U.S.S.R. launched Soyuz 11, with a crew of Commander Georgy Dobrovolsky, Flight Engineer Vladislav Volkov, and Research Engineer Viktor Patsayev. The crew docked with and occupied the Salyut space station. They were attempting to break the record for endurance in space, which had been set by Soyuz 9 at 16 days a year earlier.

A two-day series of bomb explosions in Belfast injured at least eight people as Roman Catholics and Protestants alike were subjected to continuing terrorism.

40 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Italy (Hit Parade Italia): Sarà perché ti amo--Ricchi e Poveri (9th week at #1)

#1 single in Flanders (Ultratop 50): Can You Feel It--The Jacksons

#1 single in Ireland: You Drive Me Crazy--Shakin' Stevens (3rd week at #1)

#1 single in the U.K. (New Musical Express): Stand and Deliver--Adam and the Ants (4th week at #1)

#1 single in the U.K. (BMRB): Stand and Deliver--Adam and the Ants (5th week at #1)

Netherlands Top 10 (De Nederlandse Top 40)
1 How 'bout Us--Champaign (2nd week at #1)
2 Dance On--Doris D and the Pins
3 Making Your Mind Up--Bucks Fizz
4 De Verzonken Stad--Frank & Mirella
5 This Ole House--Shakin' Stevens
6 Rain in May--Max Werner
7 I've Seen That Face Before--Grace Jones
8 Double Dutch Bus--Frankie Smith
9 Kids in America--Kim Wilde
10 Chanson D'Amour--BZN

Singles entering the chart were Ma Quale Idea by Pino D'Angiò (#22); Stand & Deliver! by Adam and the Ants (#36); All Those Years Ago by George Harrison (#37); 32 Jaar by Doe Maar (#38); Only Crying by Keith Marshall (#39); and Boemeladiboem by Sonja (#40).

U.S.A. Top 10 (Billboard)
1 Bette Davis Eyes--Kim Carnes (4th week at #1)
2 Being with You--Smokey Robinson
3 Medley--Stars on 45
4 Sukiyaki--A Taste of Honey
5 Take it on the Run--REO Speedwagon
6 Living Inside Myself--Gino Vannelli
7 A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)--Ray Parker, Jr. & Raydio
8 Just the Two of Us--Grover Washington, Jr.
9 America--Neil Diamond
10 Sweetheart--Franke & the Knockouts

Singles entering the chart were Gemini Dream by the Moody Blues (#66); Fantasy Girl by 38 Special (#82); Tom Sawyer by Rush (#85); Feels So Right by Alabama (#87); and Paradise by Change (#90).

U.S.A. Top 10 (Cash Box)
1 Bette Davis Eyes--Kim Carnes (2nd week at #1)
2 Medley--Stars on 45
3 Being with You--Smokey Robinson
4 Sukiyaki--A Taste of Honey
5 Take it on the Run--REO Speedwagon
6 A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)--Ray Parker, Jr. & Raydio
7 Angel of the Morning--Juice Newton
8 Too Much Time on My Hands--Styx
9 All Those Years Ago—George Harrison
10 How ‘bout Us--Champaign

Singles entering the chart were Gemini Dream by the Moody Blues (#68); Fantasy Girl by 38 Special (#85); and You Really Got a Hold on Me by Billy Joe Royal (#97).

U.S.A. Top 10 (Record World)
1 Bette Davis Eyes--Kim Carnes (2nd week at #1)
2 Medley--Stars on 45
3 Take it on the Run--REO Speedwagon
4 Morning Train (Nine to Five)--Sheena Easton
5 A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do)--Ray Parker, Jr. & Raydio
6 Angel of the Morning--Juice Newton
7 Being with You--Smokey Robinson
8 Sukiyaki--A Taste of Honey
9 Watching the Wheels--John Lennon
10 Living Inside Myself--Gino Vannelli

Singles entering the chart were Gemini Dream by the Moody Blues (#54); Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through by Jim Steinman (#84); Hard Times by James Taylor (#86); Fantasy Girl by 38 Special (#89); and Pull Up to the Bumper by Grace Jones (#95).

Canada’s Top 10 (RPM)
1 Medley--Stars on 45
2 Bette Davis Eyes--Kim Carnes
3 Angel of the Morning--Juice Newton
4 Take it on the Run--REO Speedwagon
5 Being with You--Smokey Robinson
6 Watching the Wheels--John Lennon
7 Too Much Time on My Hands--Styx
8 Kiss on My List--Daryl Hall & John Oates
9 Morning Train (Nine to Five)--Sheena Easton
10 Just the Two of Us—Grover Washington, Jr.

Singles entering the chart were You Make My Dreams by Daryl Hall & John Oates (#38); The One that You Love by Air Supply (#39); A Life of Illusion by Joe Walsh (#48); and Don't Stop the Music by Yarbrough & Peoples (#49).

Vancouver's Top 10 (CFUN)
1 Bette Davis Eyes--Kim Carnes (3rd week at #1)
2 Living Inside Myself--Gino Vannelli
3 Too Much Time on My Hands--Styx
4 Say You'll Be Mine--Christopher Cross
5 Beatles Medley--Stars on 45
6 Sweetheart--Franke & the Knockouts
7 Take it on the Run--REO Speedwagon
8 Her Town Too--James Taylor and J.D. Souther
9 Nobody Wins--Elton John
10 This Little Girl--Gary U.S. Bonds

Singles entering the chart were Still Right Here in My Heart by Pure Prairie League (#28); A Life of Illusion by Joe Walsh (#29); and Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield (#30).

Horse racing
Summing, with George Martens up, won the 113th running of the Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park, New York in a time of 2:29, finishing a neck ahead of Highland Blade, while Pleasant Colony finished third in the 11-horse field. First prize money was $170,580.

30 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Ireland (IRMA): The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in his Kiss)--Cher (6th week at #1)

Died on this date
Stan Getz, 64
. U.S. musician. Mr. Getz was a jazz saxophonist who first achieved success as a teenager in the 1940s as a member of Jack Teagarden's band. He also played with the bands of Stan Kenton, Jimmy Dorsey, and Woody Herman before the end of the 1940s, and was successful on his own and with other musicians through the 1960s. Mr. Getz helped to introduce bossa nova to North America, and achied commercial success with the single The Girl from Ipanema (1964), with his saxophone combining with the vocals of Astrud Gilberto. Mr. Getz died of liver cancer.

Politics and government
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled 6-1 that public servants could work on election campaigns, except for top bureaucrats, who must remain neutral.

25 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Finland (Musiikkituottajat – IFPI Finland): Until it Sleeps--Metallica (3rd week at #1)

#1 single in Denmark (Nielsen Music Control & IFPI): Until it Sleeps--Metallica

Died on this date
George Snell, 92
. U.S. geneticist and immunologist. Dr. Snell shared the 1980 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Baruj Benacerraf and Jean Dausset "for their discoveries concerning genetically determined structures on the cell surface that regulate immunological reactions."

Politics and government
The Reform Party of Canada began a three-day convention in Ottawa; it endorsed Preston Manning as leader, and approved a party policy of radical decentralization of government and a conservative approach to social issues.

New Zealand’s first commercial wind farm, commissioned by Genesis Energy, opened in the windy hills of Wairarapa. Named Hau Nui Farm, meaning Big Wind, its location was chosen because of the wind currents that are funnelled and accelerated by nearby Cook Strait and the Remutaka Range.

Stanley Cup

Florida 1 @ Colorado 8 (Colorado led best-of-seven series 2-0)

Peter Forsberg scored 3 goals and Rene Corbet and Jon Klemm each scored twice as the Avalanche buried the Panthers at McNichols Sports Arena in Denver.

20 years ago

Politics and government
U.S. Senator James Jeffords (Republican--Vermont) left the Republican Party to become an independent, handing control of the Senate back to the Democrats.

Philadelphia 107 @ Los Angeles Lakers 101 (OT) (Philadelphia led best-of-seven series 1-0)

Allen Iverson scored 48 points, including 7 straight in overtime, as the 76ers overcame an early 12-point deficit to defeat the defending champion Lakers before 18,997 fans at Staples Center. Shaquille O'Neal led the Lakers with 44 points and 20 rebounds.

10 years ago

On television tonight
Scott Pelley began a six-year run as anchorman of CBS Evening News.

Injustice, starring James Purefoy, on ITV
Tonight's episode: Episode 1
This was the first episode of the mini-series created and written by Anthony Horowitz.

The Canadian Armed Forces ended their last major combat operation in the Panjwaii district of Afghanistan, planned and led by the Afghan National Army to disrupt Taliban raiders.

An Ontario Superior Court Justice ruled in Ottawa that University of Ottawa sociology professor Hassan Diab should be extradited to France, where he faced charges in the bombing of a Paris synagogue in 1980 that killed four people; Prof. Diab was extradited in November 2014 after the Supreme Court of Canada denied his appeal.

Politics and government
The Parti Québécois (PQ), which formed the official opposition in the Quebec National Assembly, lost three of the most influential members of its caucus when Lisette Lapointe (Crémazie), Pierre Curzi (Borduas), and Louise Beaudoin (Rosemont) resigned to sit as independent MNAs. The three complained of the "outrageous authority" of PQ leader Pauline Marois.

After days of denials, U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner (Democrat--New York) confessed that he had tweeted a lewd photo of himself to a woman, and admitted to "inappropriate" exchanges with six women.

Stanley Cup
Vancouver 1 @ Boston 8 (Vancouver led best-of-seven series 2-1)

Mark Recchi scored twice, while Brad Marchand and Daniel Paille each scored shorthanded for the Bruins as they scored 4 goals in each of the last 2 periods to rout the Canucks at TD Garden. The game was marred by a dirty hit by Vancouver's Aaron Rome to Boston's nathan Horton 5:07 into the game, which resulted in Mr. Horton being removed on a stretcher, and Mr. Rome receiving a 5-minute major penalty for interference, a game misconduct, and a suspension for the rest of the series.

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