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April 4, 2021

1,125 years ago

Died on this date
Formosus, 79-80 (?)
. Roman Catholic Pope, 891-896. Formosus became cardinal bishop of Porto in 864, and undertook several diplomatic missions before succeeding Stephen V as pope. Formosus' reign was marked by interventions in power struggles over the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the Kingdom of West Francia, and the Holy Roman Empire. He was succeeded by Boniface VI.

300 years ago

Politics and government
Sir Robert Walpole was appointed First Lord of the Treasury, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Leader of the House of Commons, becoming the first de facto British Prime Minister.

200 years ago

Born on this date
Linus Yale, Jr.
. U.S. inventor and businessman. Mr. Yale, the son of a lockmaker, also invented locks, including the pin tumbler safe lock, and co-founded Yale Lock Manufacturing Company in 1868. He died of a heart attack at the age of 47 on December 25, 1868, while on a business trip to New York City.

180 years ago

Died on this date
William Henry Harrison, 68
. 9th President of the United States (1841). Major General Harrison served with the U.S. Army in wars agains the Indians and the War of 1812, earning the nickname "Old Tippecanoe" for his role in leading troops against Tecumseh in the Battle of Tippecanoe (1811). He held various political offices, including Governor of Indiana Territory (1801-1812), and U.S. Senator, representing Ohio (1825-1828) while a member of the Democratic-Republican Party. Mr. Harrison resigned from the Senate to accept the position of U.S. Ambassador to Gran Colombia (1828-1829). He was the unsuccessful Whig Party candidate for President of the United States in 1836, but was elected in 1840, becoming the oldest man yet elected to the presidency. On March 4, 1841, Mr. Harrison delivered a two-hour inaugural address on a rainy day while not wearing a hat, but it wasn't until March 26 that he developed cold-like symptoms, which turned into pneumonia. A recent analysis has concluded that President Harrison died from septic shock due to "enteric fever" (typhoid or paratyphoid fever) as a result of the White House water supply being downstream from public sewage. Mr. Harrison was the first American president to die in office, and was succeeded by Vice President John Tyler.

170 years ago

Born on this date
James Campbell, 1st Baron Glenavy
. Irish politician and judge. Mr. Campbell, a member of the Irish Unionist Alliance, represented Dublin St. Stephen's Green (1898-1900) and Dublin University (1903-1917) in the British House of Commons, serving as Solicitor-General for Ireland (1903-1905) and Attorney-General for Ireland (1905, 1916-1917). He was created a baronet and appointed to the bench in 1917 as Lord Chief Justice of Ireland; the following year he was appointed Lord Chancellor of Ireland, serving until 1921. Upon leaving office, Mr. Campbell became Baron Glenavy; he became a member of the Irish Free State Seanad (Senate) in 1922, serving as its first Cathaoirleach (chairman) until 1928. In 1923, Lord Glenavy chaired the Judicial Committee appointed to advise the Executive Council (cabinet) on the creation of a new courts system for the Irish Free State. His recommendations were adopted in the Courts of Justice Act 1924, and largely created the Irish court system that still exists. Lord Glenavy died in Dublin on March 22, 1931, 13 days before his 80th birthday.

160 years ago

Died on this date
John McLean, 76
. U.S. judge and politician. Mr. McLean was a member of several political parties, and was a Democratic-Republican when he represented Ohio's 1st District in the U.S. House of Representatives (1813-1816). While still a Congressman, he was elected an Associate Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, and resigned his seat, serving on the court from 1816-1822. Mr. McLean subsequently served as Commissioner of the General Land Office (1822-1823); U.S. Postmaster General (1823-1829); and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States (1829-1861). His opinions favoured economic nationalism and opposed slavery; he was one of the two dissenting justices in Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857), in which the majority ruled that Negroes were not citizens of the United States and had no rights that white men were bound to respect. Mr. McLean died 24 days after his 76th birthday, and was the last surviving member of the cabinets of U.S. Presidents James Monroe and John Quincy Adams.

140 years ago

The second Dominion census was taken on this day, reporting that Canada had a total population of 4,324,810, of which there were 2,188,854 men and 2,135,956 women. Among professions, 498,715 were farmers, 165,706 labourers, 40,518 carpenters and joiners, 28,981 commercial clerks, and 22,905 fishermen. About 2,548,000 people were of English descent and 1,299,000 of French descent.

125 years ago

Born on this date
Robert E. Sherwood
. U.S. playwright and screenwriter. Mr. Sherwood was a film critic in the 1920s and an original member of the Algonquin Round Table before beginning his career as a playwright, with his plays often expressing an anti-war viewpoint. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for Idiot's Delight (1936); Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1939); and There Shall Be No Night (1940). Mr. Sherwood began writing screenplays, often uncredited, in 1926; he won an Academy Award for The Best Years of Our Lives (1946). Mr. Sherwood changed his anti-war views when World War II began; he was a speechwriter for U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and was director of the Office of War Information (1943-1945), resulting in his book Roosevelt and Hopkins: An Intimate History (1948), which won the Pulitzer Prize for History or Biography. Mr. Sherwood died of a heart attack on November 14, 1955 at the age of 59.

Economics and finance
News of the Yukon's Klondike gold strike was reported Vancouver, British Columbia, the first time the news reached the outside world.

100 years ago

Born on this date
Elizabeth Wilson
. U.S. actress. Miss Wilson was a character actress in plays, films, and television programs, often playing women having or seeking authority, in a career spanning almost 60 years. She won a Tony Award for her supporting performance in Sticks and Bones (1972). Miss Wilson's movies included Picnic (1955); Patterns (1956); The Birds (1963); and The Graduate (1967). Miss Wilson died on May 9, 2015 at the age of 94.

Stanley Cup
Ottawa Senators (NHL) 2 @ Vancouver Millionaires (PCHA) 1 (Ottawa won best-of-five series 3-2)

Jack Darragh, playing his last game, scored both goals for the Senators. Clint Benedict played the entire series in goal for Ottawa. In winning the Stanley Cup for the second straight year, the Senators became the first team to win three road games in the finals. All five games of the 1921 finals were decided by one goal.

90 years ago

Died on this date
André Michelin, 78
. French businessman. Mr. Michelin and his brother Édouard co-founded the Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin (Michelin Tyre Company) in 1888. André was granted a patent for a detachable tire in 1891. The Michelin brothers participated in auto races in the 1890s, and were inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame in 2002.

Politics and government
Vere Ponsonby, 9th Earl of Bessborough took office as Governor General of Canada, succeeding the Earl of Willingdon.

80 years ago

King Peter II of Yugoslavia released a royal proclamation, dated April 1, ordering the mobilization of the country's "entire military might." German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler promised Japanese Foreign Minister Yosuke Matsuoka that if Japan got into a war with the United States, Germany would declare war at once.

World events
The Iraqi government of Seyid Taha al-Hashimi was reportedly overthrown by nationalist extremists aided by military elements.

The Mexican Senate ratified the air pact with the United States, permitting reciprocal use of airfields.

Politics and government
Japanese Prime Minister Prince Fumimaro Konoye appointed Vice Admiral Tijero Toyoda as minister of commerce and industry, and Lieutenant General Teichi Suzuki as president of the planning board.

A U.S. federal grand jury in New Orleans indicted 64 Italian seamen for sabotaging their two ships.

A U.S. federal jury convicted the American Medical Association and the Medical Society of Washington of Sherman Antitrust Act violations, but acquitted 18 individual defendants.

Germany and France signed an agreement for the exchange of food surpluses.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt warned that direct federal action may be taken if the strike at the Allis-Chalmers plant in Milwaukee continued much longer. The U.S. Senate and passed to President Roosevelt a bill extending the Bituminous Coal Act, or Guffey Act, for two years from its April 26, 1941 expiration date--a move designed to speed settlement of the coal strike.

Ford Motor Company closed 34 plants on the grounds that they lacked parts.

75 years ago

RCA President David Sarnoff urged the United Nations to establish an international broadcasting system.

Politics and government
Greek Archbishop Damaskinos swore in State Council President Panayotis Poulitsas and his cabinet to serve as an interim government until the Populist Party could choose its own leader.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Joao Neves de Fountoura said that his country would continue friendly relations with the Argentine government of President Juan Peron.

Dr. Marcel Petiot, 49, the "Bluebeard of Paris," was convicted and sentenced to death for robbing and killing 24 people.

A U.S. Senate Military Affairs subcommittee sent President Harry Truman the draft of a bill calling for a single Department of National Defense. Mr. Truman named Clark Clifford as hs naval aide.

Economics and finance
The U.S. Senate Banking and Currency Committee approved the Wagner-Ellender-Taft bill, providing federal aid for construction of one million homes a year for the next 10 years.

Stanley Cup
Montreal 4 @ Boston 2 (Montreal led best-of-seven series 3-0)

Ken Mosdell and Dutch Hiller scored in the 3rd period to break a 2-2 tie as the Canadiens defeated the Bruins at Boston Garden.

70 years ago

Died on this date
George Albert Smith, 81
. U.S. religious leader. Mr. Smith, was a direct descendant of Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. George Albert Smith was a salesman befor being appointed to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in 1903. He became President of the Quorum in 1943, and succeeded Heber J. Grant as Mormon Church President in 1945. Mr. Smith suffered from poor eyesight, lupus erythematosus, and chronic depression and anxiety. He died on his 81st birthday, shortly after suffering a stroke, and was succeeded as President by David O. McKay.

West Germany established full relations with India, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Vatican.

The U.S. Senate passed a resolution approving General Dwight D. Eisenhower's appointment as supreme commander of Atlantic pact forces and urging the incorporation of West German, Spanish, Greek, and Turkish forces into the Western European defense system.

The Iranian government ordered censorship of foreign news dispatches that "appear dangerous" to Iranian security or violated rules of decency.

Economics and finance
U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snyder told the House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee that the administration of President Harry Truman wanted only a $10-billion tax increase this fiscal year,postponing a $6-billion second-round increase to 1952.

60 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Norway (VG-lista): Romantica--Robertino (3rd week at #1)

On television tonight
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond, hosted by John Newland, on ABC
Tonight's episode: Signal Received, starring Mard Eden, Terry Palmer, and Richard Gale

Alfred Hitchcock Presents, on NBC
Tonight's episode: Museum Piece, starring Larry Gates, Myron McCormick, Bert Convy, and Edward Platt

Thriller, hosted by Boris Karloff, on NBC
Tonight's episode: Late Date, starring Larry Pennell, Edward Platt, and Jody Fair

U.S. President John F. Kennedy and U.K. Prime Minister Harold Macmillan began a series of meetings in Washington to discuss world problems. The meetings also included U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk and U.K. Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

U.S. Vice President Lyndon Johnson concluded two days of observances in Dakar marking the first anniversary of Senegal’s independence. After lengthy talks with Senegalese President Mamadou Dia, Mr. Johnson pledged U.S. economic and technical assistance to Senegal.

50 years ago

Politics and government
In the first test at the polls for the government of Marxist President Salvador Allende since it came to power in November 1970, Chile’s ruling coalition won 49.73% of the vote in 280 nationwide municipal elections.

Detroit 0 @ New York 6
Toronto 3 @ Chicago 2
Montreal 2 @ Boston 7

Bob Nevin scored his 20th and 21st goals of the season, and Bruce MacGregor added his 17th and 18th to lead the Rangers over the Red Wings. Rod Gilbert scored his 30th goal of the season--prompting a standing ovation from the crowd at Madison Square Garden--and Brad Park scored his 7th. Ed Giacomin posted his league-leading 8th shutout of the season as he and teammate Gilles Villemure won the Vezina Trophy for the team allowing the fewest goals during the regular season. Don McLeod was in goal for the Red Wings. The game was the 1,687th and last in the 25-year career of Gordie Howe as a Detroit Red Wing.

Guy Trottier’s 19th goal of the season in the 2nd period held up as the winner as the Maple Leafs edged the Black Hawks at Chicago Stadium despite being outshot 27-18. Ron Ellis scored his 24th goal of the season for the Maple Leafs and Jim Dorey scored his 7th. Pit Martin scored both Black Hawk goals, finishing the season with 22. Bernie Parent won the goaltending duel over Tony Esposito.

Phil Esposito, who had scored 2 goals the previous night, added 3 more for the Bruins as they beat the Canadiens at Boston Garden to finish the season with a record 76 in 78 games. Derek Sanderson added 2 goals for the Bruins, finishing with 29 goals for the season. Ed Westfall scored his 25th and Johnny McKenzie his 31st to round out the Boston scoring. Yvan Cournoyer scored his 37th goal of the season for the Canadiens and Pete Mahovlich added his 35th. The Bruins fired 44 shots at Phil Myre, who was playing his first game in goal for Montreal in almost a month. The Canadiens had 37 shots against Gerry Cheevers.

40 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Italy (Hit Parade Italia): Gioca Jouer--Claudio Cecchetto

#1 single in Flanders (Ultratop 50): Shaddap You Face--Joe Dolce Musical Theatre

#1 single in Ireland: This Ole House--Shakin' Stevens

#1 single in the U.K. (New Musical Express): This Ole House--Shakin' Stevens (2nd week at #1)

#1 single in the U.K. (BMRB): This Ole House--Shakin' Stevens (2nd week at #1)

Netherlands Top 10 (De Nederlandse Top 40)
1 In the Air Tonight--Phil Collins (3rd week at #1)
2 Don't Stop the Music--Yarbrough & Peoples
3 Vienna--Ultravox
4 Shaddap You Face--Joe Dolce Music Theatre
5 It's a Love Thing--The Whispers
6 Stars on 45--Stars on 45
7 Ik Heb Zo Waanzinnig Gedroomd--Kinderen Voor Kinderen
8 Angel of Mine--Frank Duval & Orchestra
9 Houtochdiekop--Dingetje
10 Leila--Dolly Dots

Singles entering the chart were Het is Eeen Wonder by Linda Williams (#32); Keep on Loving You by REO Speedwagon (#34); And Love Goes On by Earth, Wind & Fire (#36); Seagull by Kayak (#37); It's My Turn by Diana Ross (#38); There's a Song by Saskia & Serge (#39); and Marionette by Maribelle (#40).

U.S.A. Top 10 (Billboard)
1 Rapture--Blondie (2nd week at #1)
2 Woman--John Lennon
3 The Best of Times--Styx
4 Kiss on My List--Daryl Hall & John Oates
5 Crying--Don McLean
6 Hello Again--Neil Diamond
7 Just the Two of Us--Grover Washington, Jr.
8 Keep on Loving You--REO Speedwagon
9 While You See a Chance--Steve Winwood
10 What Kind of Fool--Barbra Streisand (Duet with Barry Gibb)

Singles entering the chart were Find Your Way Back by Jefferson Starship (#81); But You Know I Love You by Dolly Parton (#82); I Don't Need You by Rupert Holmes (#84); Super Trouper by ABBA (#88); and Playing with Lightning by Shot in the Dark (#90).

U.S.A. Top 10 (Cash Box)
1 Rapture--Blondie (2nd week at #1)
2 Woman--John Lennon
3 Keep on Loving You--REO Speedwagon
4 9 to 5--Dolly Parton
5 Kiss on My List--Daryl Hall & John Oates
6 The Best of Times--Styx
7 Morning Train (Nine to Five)--Sheena Easton
8 Crying--Don McLean
9 Just the Two of Us--Grover Washington, Jr.
10 What Kind of Fool--Barbra Streisand (Duet with Barry Gibb)

Singles entering the chart were Find Your Way Back by Jefferson Starship (#76); Memories by Tierra (#83); I Don’t Need You by Rupert Holmes (#85); But You Know I Love You by Dolly Parton (#87); That Didn’t Hurt Too Bad by Dr. Hook (#88); Super Trouper by Abba (#90); and Let Me Love You Goodbye by Bobby Vinton (#97).

U.S.A. Top 10 (Record World)
1 Rapture--Blondie
2 Woman--John Lennon
3 9 to 5--Dolly Parton
4 Celebration--Kool & The Gang
5 Kiss on My List--Daryl Hall & John Oates
6 Keep on Loving You--REO Speedwagon
7 The Best of Times--Styx
8 Morning Train (Nine to Five)--Sheena Easton
9 Just the Two of Us--Grover Washington, Jr.
10 Crying--Don McLean

Singles entering the chart were Find Your Way Back by Jefferson Starship (#81); Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield (#82); Blessed are the Believers by Anne Murray (#83); I Loved 'em Every One by T.G. Sheppard (#84); Memories by Tierra (#85); I Don't Need You by Rupert Holmes (#88); Super Trouper by ABBA (#92); Magic Man by Robert Winters and Fall (#93); and When Love Calls by Atlantic Starr (#95).

Canada’s Top 10 (RPM)
1 Celebration--Kool & the Gang (2nd week at #1)
2 9 to 5--Dolly Parton
3 Rapture--Blondie
4 Woman--John Lennon
5 Wasn’t That a Party--The Rovers
6 Keep on Loving You--REO Speedwagon
7 Crying--Don McLean
8 A Little in Love--Cliff Richard
9 The Best of Times--Styx
10 Turn Me Loose--Loverboy

Singles entering the chart were You Better You Bet by the Who (#42); Her Town Too by James Taylor and J.D. Souther (#47); and Somebody’s Knockin’ by Terri Gibbs (#48).

Vancouver's Top 10 (CFUN)
1 While You See a Chance--Steve Winwood
2 Kiss on My List--Daryl Hall & John Oates
3 Morning Train (Nine to Five)--Sheena Easton
4 Rapture--Blondie
5 Woman--John Lennon
6 Somebody's Knockin'--Terri Gibbs
7 You Better You Bet--The Who
8 Angel of the Morning--Juice Newton
9 The Best of Times--Styx
10 A Little in Love--Cliff Richard

Singles entering the chart were Time Out of Mind by Steely Dan (#17); If I was a Dancer by the Rolling Stones (#23); and Take it on the Run by REO Speedwagon (#25).

The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force mounted an attack on H-3 Airbase in western Iraq and destroyed about 50 Iraqi Air Force planes.

Politics and government
Henry Cisneros took office as Mayor of San Antonio, becming the first Hispanic mayor of a major U.S. city.

A tornado struck West Bend, Wisconsin, killing 6, injuring 100, and causing $15 million in damages.

Winnipeg 2 @ Edmonton 7

Edmonton centre Wayne Gretzky scored 5 points to set a record for points per game average in one season; he also reached the 300 career point plateau faster than any player in NHL history.

30 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Ireland (IRMA): Deep Deep Trouble--The Simpsons

Died on this date
John Heinz, 52
. U.S. Senator. Senator Heinz (Republican--Pennsylvania), heir to the H.J. Heinz food company fortune, was one of five people killed when a chartered plane and a helicopter collided above a suburb of Philadelphia. Two children on the ground were also killed by falling wreckage. Mr. Heinz had been in the Senate since 1977.

During the Third Session of the Seventh National People's Congress, the current flag of Hong Kong was adopted for post-colonial Hong Kong.

Wiliam Kennedy Smith, 30, a nephew of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, was identified by police as the suspect in a reported rape on March 30 at the Kennedy family estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Thousands of workers in Minsk, the capital of Byelorussia, went on strike, protesting price increases and demanding the removal from office of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Nine children who had been removed from their homes in the Orkney Islands off Scotland because of allegations that they were victims of satanic ritual abuse were reunited with their families after the case was thrown out of court.

Stanley Cup
Division Semi-Finals
Minnesota 4 @ Chicago 3 (OT) (Minnesota led best-of-seven series 1-0)
Detroit 6 @ St. Louis 3 (Detroit led best-of-seven series 1-0)
Edmonton 3 @ Calgary 1 (Edmonton led best-of-seven series 1-0)
Vancouver 6 @ Los Angeles 5 (Vancouver led best-of-seven series 1-0)

25 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Finland (Musiikkituottajat – IFPI Finland): Firestarter--The Prodigy (2nd week at #1)

#1 single in Denmark (Nielsen Music Control & IFPI): Spaceman--Babylon Zoo (10th week at #1)

Died on this date
Barney Ewell, 78
. U.S. athlete. Mr. Ewell was a long jumper, but was best known as one of the world's best sprinters in the 1940s, winning numerous championships while at Pennsylvania State University from 1940-1942. He interrupted his athletic and academic career to serve in the military in World War II, but returned to Penn State after the war to finish his education and resume his athletic career. Mr. Ewell won silver medals--barely falling short of gold medals--in the men's 100 and 200 metre runs, and was a member of the gold medal-winning American team in the 4 x 100 metre relay at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London. He competed professionally in Australia and New Zealand in the early 1950s and eventually returned to Pennsylvania.

Comet Hyakutake was imaged by the U.S. Asteroid Orbiter Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous.

Toronto 3 @ St. Louis 1

20 years ago

Died on this date
Maury Van Vliet, 87
. U.S.-born Canadian academic. Dr. Van Vliet was educated in the United States, but went to Canada, serving as director of physical education at the University of British Columbia (1935-1945) and moving on to the University of Alberta, where he was Head (1945-1954), Director (1954-1964), and Dean (1964-1975) of Physical Education. He was the president and chief executive officer of the organizing committee of the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton, and was inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1997.

Mavis Gallant was awarded the inaugural Matt Cohen Award for a lifetime of distinguished Canadian literary work.

U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed regret for the loss of Chinese pilot Wang Wei in a collision on April 1 between his fighter plane and a U.S. Navy spy plane, and wrote Chinese officials proposing a settlement, but Chinese President Jiang Zemin still demanded a full apology. The plane and its 24-man crew were being held by Chinese authorities.

Politics and government
Silvia Cartwright took office as Governor-General of New Zealand, succeeding Peter Trapski.

Former Philippines President Joseph Estrada, who had been ousted in January in a popular uprising, was indicted on charges that he had accepted $82 million in bribes and kickbacks. His wife and son were also indicted.

Sudan’s deputy defense minister and 13 other high-ranking military officers were killed when their plane crashed while taking off in southern Sudan.

Hideo Nomo (1-0) pitched a no-hitter in his first appearance for Boston as the Red Sox blanked the Baltimore Orioles 3-0 before 35,602 fans at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Brian Daubach drove in all the runs with his first 2 home runs of the season. Mr. Nomo had pitched a no-hitter with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1996.

Carlos Delgado hit 3 home runs and drove in 4 runs to lead the Toronto Blue Jays to an 11-8 win over the Tampa Bay Devil Rays before 10,566 fans at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg.

10 years ago

Yielding to political opposition, the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama gave up on trying Khalid Sheik Mohammed--alleged mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York City--and four alleged co-conspirators in civilian federal courts, and said it would prosecute them instead before military commissions.

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