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January 15, 2021

480 years ago

King François I of France named Jean-François de la Rocque, Sieur de Roberval, Lieutenant-general of New France, and commissioned him to begin a colony in Canada and provide for the spread of the "Holy Catholic faith."

180 years ago

Born on this date
Frederick Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby
. U.K. politician. Mr. Stanley, a Conservative, held various cabinet posts before being appointed to the House of Lords, where as Lord Stanley of Preston he served as Governor General of Canada from 1888-1893 and donated the Stanley Cup for the championship of amateur hockey in Canada. He died on June 14, 1908 at the age of 67.

130 years ago

Born on this date
Ray Chapman
. U.S. baseball player. Mr. Chapman was a shortstop with the Cleveland Naps and Indians from 1912-1920, batting .278 with 17 home runs and 364 runs batted in in 1,051 games. He led the American League in 1918 with 84 runs and 84 bases on balls. Mr. Chapman died on August 17, 1920 at the age of 29, the day after being hit in the head by a pitch thrown by Carl Mays of the New York Yankees, and is generally recognized as the only major league player to die directly from an on-field injury (Philadelphia Athletics' catcher Mike "Doc" Powers died of post-surgery complications after running into a wall in Shibe Park in 1909, but it's uncertain if his death was directly related to his injury).

125 years ago

Born on this date
Marjorie Bennett
. Australian-born U.S. actress. Miss Bennett, the sister of actresses Enid and Catherine Bennett, moved to thee United States by 1917, and appeared in several silent films, but was inactive in movies from 1918-1946. She then appeared in small, often uncredited, roles in numerous films and television programs through 1980. Miss Bennett appeared in Charlie Chaplin's films Monseiur Verdoux (1947) and Limelight (1952), and played Blossom Kenney in 10 episodes of the television comedy series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (1959-1961). She died on June 14, 1982 at the age of 86.

Died on this date
Mathew Brady, 73
. U.S. photographer. Mr. Brady studied under Samuel Morse, and opened his own photographic studio in 1844, making a name for himself with portraits of famous Americans. He became famous for his photographs of the American Civil War from the perspective of the Union Army. Mr. Brady took a staff of assistants with him, and although they took many of the photos, they worked under his direction. Mr. Brady had paid his own way to the battlefields, and after the war, his business declined badly, and his eyesight deteriorated. He died in poverty from complications following a streetcar accident.

110 years ago

The Palestinian Arabic-language newspaper Falastin was founded in Jaffa by Issa El-Issa.

100 years ago

Born on this date
Frank Thornton
. U.K. actor. Mr. Thornton appeared in plays, films, and television programs in a career spanning more than 60 yers. He was best known for playing Captain Peacock in the television comedy series Are You Being Served? (1972-1985) and its sequel Grace & Favour (1992-1993), and Herbert "Truly" Truelove in the comedy series Last of the Summer Wine (1997-2010). Mr. Thornton died in his sleep on March 16, 2013 at the age of 92.

80 years ago

Current History and Forum named New England: Indian Summer, 1865-1915 by Van Wyck Brooks as the most important non-fiction book published in 1940.

Speaking in Tokyo, Japanese Foreign Minister Kosuke Matsuoka stressed the unity in friendship of Japan and Germany.

Economics and finance
U.S. Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Secretary of the Tresury Henry Morgenthau defended Lend-Lease as necessary for national defense, and urged quick congressional action. New York District Attorney Thomas Dewey said that Lend-Lease aid to the United Kingdom would end free government in the United States.

American Negro union leader A. Philip Randolph called for 10,000 Negroes to march on Washington to demand an end to discrimination in defense employment.

U.S. federal mediator James Dewey announced that the Congress of Industrial Organizations-United Auto Workers strike against Eaton Manufacturing Company had been settled.

75 years ago

Died on this date
Karl Nabersberg, 37
. Mr. Nabersberg joined the Nazi Party in 1925, and was a Hitler Youth leader in the 1930s. He died shortly after being fined RM6,000 by the Berlin Denazification Tribunal.

At the trial in Manila of accused Japanese war criminal General Masaharu Homma, witnesses described Japanese brutality at Camp O'Donnell, where about 30,500 inmates died. At the hearings of the United States Senate committee on the December 7, 1941 Japanese attack on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, U.S. Navy Admiral Husband Kimmel, head of U.S. naval operations at Pearl Harbor at the time of the invasion, told the committee that the U.S. government had withheld information from him and had led him to believe that the Japanese would attack elsewhere.

Norman Makin of Australia, named the first chairman of the United Nations Security Council, said that the atomic bomb should be placed at the UN's disposal to maintain peace. German physicist Wilhelm Westphall said that rwo groups of German scientists had been settled by the Soviets on the Black Sea to work on military applications of electronics and atomic energy.

A U.S.-Canadian joint defense conference was held at the Chateau Frontenac in Québec.

U.S. President Harry Truman said that the United States would insist upon retention of Pacific islands considered essential for national defense, but would turn others over to the United Nations for trusteeship.

Allied Supreme Commander in Europe General Dwight Eisenhower announced that by April 30, 1946 all enlisted U.S. Army men with 45 points or 30 months service would be released.

Politics and government
Communist members of the Chinese Political Consultative Committee agreed on retaining President Chiang Kai-shek as head of the proposed all-party government.

The Argentine Labour Party elected Juan Peron as its presidential candidate.

The British government named Gordon MacDonald Governor of Newfoundland, succeeding Sir Humphrey Walwyn.

South Carolina's House of Representatives voted against a bill to abolish the poll tax.

Economics and finance
The U.S. Agriculture Department re-established wartime control over distribution of protein feed for livestock and poultry in order to correct the growing shortage in some areas and oversupply in others.

Westinghouse, General Electric, and General Motors electrical plants in 16 American states were closed as 200,000 members of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers went on strike for a $2 daily wage increase.

The Congress of Industrial Organizations United Packing House Workers and American Federation of Labor Amalgamated Meat Cutters & Butcher Workmen called a strike of 125,000 meat industry workers after negotiations broke down.

Doc Blanchard, fullback with the United States Military Academy football team, was awarded the James E. Sullivan Trophy as the outstanding amateur athlete in the United States for 1945.

70 years ago

U.S. Senator Robert Taft (Republican--Ohio) rejected President Harry Truman's claim that the President could commit American troops to an international command without congressional sanction, charging that it would precipitate "a constitutional crisis affecting the whole basis of the U.S. and the liberty of the people." U.S. Sen. Styles Bridges (Republican--New Hampshire) urged that the United States sever diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and begin all-out mobilization to ensure victory in a world conflict.

Syria and Jordan established full relations, ending a breach over the status of Arab Palestine.

West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer rejected an East German bid for unity talks by the two German governments.

Ilse Koch, the wife of the commandant of the Buchenwald and Majdanek concentration camps, was sentenced to life imprisonment by a West German court.

The U.S. Supreme Court invalidated a New York City ordinance requiring prerachers to obtain police permits for religious services on city streets on the ground that it violated constitutional guarantees of free speech.

Cuban police closed down Havana's Barrio Colon red light district in a nationwide drive against vice.

Economics and finance
U.S. President Truman submitted to Congress the largest peacetime budget in American history, calling for the expenditure of $71.6 billion in fiscal 1952. 73% of the proposed budget went for "major national security programs."

60 years ago

Track and field
Bruce Kidd, 17, won a two-mile indoor race in Boston in world record time.

A United States Air Force "Texas tower" radar station moored in the Atlantic Ocean 105 miles off the New Jersey coast sank during a storm, taking the lives of all occupants--14 USAF personnel and 14 civilian workers repairing damage to the tower caused by Hurricane Donna.

50 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in New Zealand (RIANZ): What Have They Done to My Song Ma--The New Seekers

#1 single in West Germany (Media Control): A Song of Joy--Miguel Rios (14th week at #1)

#1 single in Ireland (IRMA): If Those Lips Could Only Speak--Dermot Henry (3rd week at #1)

South Africa's Top 10 (Springbok Radio)
1 Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow--The Dealians
2 Looky Looky--Giorgio
3 Cracklin' Rosie--Neil Diamond
4 I Think I Love You--The Partridge Family
5 Zanzibar--Wanda Arletti
6 I Hear You Knocking--Dave Edmunds
7 San Bernadino--Christie
8 You Can Get it if You Really Want--Desmond Dekker
9 Woodstock--Matthews Southern Comfort
10 Indiana Wants Me--R. Dean Taylor

The only single entering the chart was Cry Bluebird Cry by the Rising Sons (#20).

Austria's Top 10 (Ö3)
1 Hier ist ein Mensch--Peter Alexander
2 Abraham (Das Lied vom Trödler)--Wolfgang
3 Ruby Tuesday--Melanie
4 Black Night--Deep Purple
5 Deine Einsamkeit--Udo Jürgens
6 Paranoid--Black Sabbath
7 Oh, wann kommst du?--Daliah Lavi
8 San Bernadino--Christie
9 Cracklin' Rosie--Neil Diamond
10 Lookin' Out My Back Door--Creedence Clearwater Revival

Singles entering the chart were Ruby Tuesday; Cracklin' Rosie; I Hear You Knocking by Dave Edmunds (#11); Walking Round by Eric [Marlyn] (#14); Woodstock by Matthews' Southern Comfort (#15); Stealer by Free (#16); Einmal um die ganze Welt by Karel Gott (#17); and Wild World by Jimmy Cliff (#20).

Vancouver's Top 10 (CKLG)
1 Knock Three Times--Dawn (2nd week at #1)
2 Lonely Days-- Bee Gees
3 My Sweet Lord/Isn't it a Pity--George Harrison
4 Stoney End--Barbra Streisand
5 Love the One You're With--Stephen Stills
6 Your Song--Elton John
7 One Man Band--Three Dog Night
8 Immigrant Song--Led Zeppelin
9 I Hear You Knocking--Dave Edmunds
10 Sing High, Sing Low--Anne Murray

Singles entering the chart were Nosiree by Craig Wood (#25); One Bad Apple by the Osmonds (#27); 1900 Yesterday by Liz Damon's Orient Express (#28); Let Your Love Go by Bread (#29); and Band Bandit by Tundra (#30).

Vancouver's Top 10 (CKVN)
1 My Sweet Lord--George Harrison (5th week at #1)
2 Knock Three Times--Dawn
3 Lonely Days-- Bee Gees
4 I Think it's Going to Rain Today--Tom Northcott
5 Love the One You're With--Stephen Stills
6 Pay to the Piper--The Chairmen of the Board
7 If You Could Read My Mind--Gordon Lightfoot
8 Your Song--Elton John
9 Black Magic Woman--Santana
10 Sing High, Sing Low--Anne Murray

Singles entering the chart were The Green Grass Starts to Grow by Dionne Warwick (#21); Amazing Grace by Judy Collins (#23); Somebody's Watching You by Little Sister (#24); Mother by John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (#27); Hang on to Your Life by the Guess Who (#28); We Gotta Get You a Woman by Runt (#29); and Band Bandit by Tundra (#30).

Edmonton's Top 10 (CJCA)
1 My Sweet Lord--George Harrison (4th week at #1)
2 Knock Three Times--Dawn
3 Sing High, Sing Low--Anne Murray
4 Silver Moon--Michael Nesmith & the First National Band
5 I Think I Love You--The Partridge Family
6 Rose Garden--Lynn Anderson
7 For the Good Times--Ray Price
8 He Ain't Heavy...He's My Brother--Neil Diamond
9 No Matter What--Badfinger
10 Gypsy Woman--Brian Hyland

At the movies
Vanishing Point, directed by Richard C. Sarafian, and starring Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, and Dean Jagger, opened in theatres in limited release.

Died on this date
John Dall, 50
. U.S. actor. John Dall Thompson achieved success on Broadway in the comedy Dear Ruth in 1944, and was nominated for an Academy Award in the supporting actor category for his first movie, The Corn is Green (1945). He was a memorable villain in one of this blogger’s favourite Alfred Hitchcock movies, Rope (1948); starred with Peggy Cummins in the great film noir Deadly is the Female (aka Gun Crazy) (1950); and had a small role in Spartacus (1960). Mr. Dall reportedly became a drunkard in later years, and died of a heart attack, several months after a serious fall.

Politics and govermnent
Following the advice of U.S. President Richard Nixon, the Republican National Committee unanimously elected U.S. Senator Bob Dole of Kansas as the party’s new chairman.

40 years ago

Hit Parade
Austria's Top 10 (Ö3)
1 (Just Like) Starting Over--John Lennon
2 Angel of Mine--Frank Duval & Orchestra
3 Super Trouper--ABBA
4 Woman in Love--Barbra Streisand
5 Some Broken Hearts Never Mend--Telly Savalas
6 The Tide is High--Blondie
7 Santa Maria--Oliver Onions
8 What You're Proposing--Status Quo
9 Another One Bites the Dust--Queen
10 Master Blaster (Jammin')--Stevie Wonder

Singles entering the chart were (Just Like) Starting Over; and My Old Piano by Diana Ross (#20).

On television tonight
Hill Street Blues, on NBC
Tonight's episode: Hill Street Station

This was the pilot for the long-running series.

Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini called upon the Iranian people to stop criticizing President Abolhassan Bani-Sadr for his conduct of the war against Iraq. Iran accused the Soviet Union of sending military advisers and arms to Iraq.

Pope John Paul II received a delegation from the Polish trade union Solidarity, led by Lech Wałęsa.

30 years ago

"Black Beret" troops from the interior ministry seized a police academy in Latvia.

Queen Elizabeth II signed letters patent instituting the Victoria Cross for Australia; the country became the first Commonwealth realm with a separate Victoria Cross award in its honours system.

Politics and government
The Supreme Soviet confirmed Aleksandr Bessmertnykh as the U.S.S.R.’s new foreign minister.

25 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Spain (PROMUSICAE): Jesus to a Child--George Michael

#1 single in Norway (VG-lista): Jesus to a Child--George Michael

#1 single in Germany (Media Control): Earth Song--Michael Jackson (6th week at #1)

Canada's Top 10 (RPM)
1 Exhale (Shoop Shoop)--Whitney Houston (2nd week at #1)
2 You'll See--Madonna
3 Hand in My Pocket--Alanis Morissette
4 Breakfast at Tiffany's--Deep Blue Something
5 Name--Goo Goo Dolls
6 Your Little Secret--Melissa Etheridge
7 Blessed--Elton John
8 Good Intentions--Toad the Wet Sprocket
9 Good Mother--Jann Arden
10 I Wish You Well--Tom Cochrane

Singles entering the chart were I Want to Come Over by Melissa Etheridge (#88); Jesus to a Child by George Michael (#89); Waiting for Tonight by Tom Petty (#93); A Love So Beautiful by Michael Bolton (#96); The World I Know by Collective Soul (#97); Get Together by Big Mountain (#98); and Don't Cry by Seal (#99).

Died on this date
Les Baxter, 73
. U.S. musician and composer. Mr. Baxter was a pianist who was best known as a bandleader and arranger, and a pioneer in the genre of "exotica" in the 1950s. His hit singles included Unchained Melody (1955) and The Poor People of Paris (1956), both of which reached #1 on the Billboard singles charts. Mr. Baxter was accused by fellow arranger Nelson Riddle of constantly taking credit for work done by others.

Moshoeshoe II, 57. King of Lesotho, 1966-1990, 1995-1996. Moshoeshoe II, born Constantine Bereng Seeiso, succeeded paramount chief Seeiso, and became King when Lesotho gained her independence from Britain in 1966. He was deposed in 1990 and replaced by his son Letsie III, but returned from exile in the United Kingdom to resume the throne in 1995. King Moshoeshoe II was killed in a car accident, and was once again succeeded by Letsie III.

Russian forces launched a three-day offensive against Chechnya.

Politics and government
Lucien Bouchard resigned his seat in the Canadian House of Commons to take the leadership of the Parti Quebecois.

The bribery trial of former South Korean President Roh Tae Woo resumed; Mr. Roh refused to be questioned, and offered to accept his punishment. Some of the bribe money was still tucked away in a number of secret bank accounts.

The Palladium, home of the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League, opened with a concert by Bryan Adams.

David Walsh announced in Calgary that his Bre-X mining company's Busang, Indonesia, holdings contained 30 million ounces of gold; this was later proven to be a fraud.

20 years ago

Wikipedia, a web-based encyclopedia, made its debut.

14 suburban municipalities on the island of Montreal filed an injunction in Quebec Superior Court aimed at blocking the application of Bill 170, which would integrate them into a single city of Montreal.

Economics and finance
On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Gulf War, Iraq signed a free trade agreement with Egypt in a bid to end its continuing isolation.

Bombardier announced that it had reached an agreement with Skywest Airlines of Utah to manufacture 64 regional planes at a cost of $2 billion.

10 years ago

Died on this date
Susannah York, 72
. U.K. actress. Miss York, born Susannah Fletcher, was best known for her performances in the 1960s in movies such as Freud (1962); Tom Jones (1963); and They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (1969), receiving an Academy Award nomination and a BAFTA Award for her supporting performance in the latter. She died of cancer, six days after her 72nd birthday.

AFC Divisional Playoff
Baltimore 24 @ Pittsburgh 31

Ben Roethlisberger completed a pass to Antonio Brown for 58 yards, setting up Rashard Mendenhall's 2-yard touchdown rush with 1:33 remaining in regulation time to break a 24-24 tie as the Steelers beat the Ravens before 64,879 fans at Heinz Field.

NFC Divisional Playoff
Green Bay 48 @ Atlanta 21

The Packers scored 4 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter to overcome a 7-0 deficit and defeat the Falcons before 69,210 fans at the Georgia Dome. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers completed 31 of 36 passes for 366 yards and 3 touchdowns.

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