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October 26, 2018

130 years ago

World Series
New York Giants 11 @ St. Louis Browns 14 (10 innings) (New York led best-of-ten series 6-3)

The Browns scored 3 runs in the top of the 10th inning to break an 11-11 tie before just 711 fans at Sportsman's Park. The poor attendance figure was probably the result of the Giants having clinched victory in the series in the previous game. The Browns led 5-0 after 1 1/2 innings, but the Giants scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 2nd and 5 in the 3rd to take an 8-5 lead. The Giants led 11-9 after 8 innings, but the Browns scored 2 in the top of the 9th to tie the game. St. Louis outfielder Tip O'Neill hit the game's only home run. Silver King started on the mound for St. Louis, but was relieved by Jim Devlin in the 4th inning, and Mr. Devlin pitched the remainder of the game to get the win in his first appearance in the series. Bill George of New York also made his first appearance of the series on the mound and pitched a complete game in taking the loss. The Giants made 5 errors and the Browns 4.

110 years ago

Politics and government
Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier led his governing Liberal Party to a fourth consecutive majority government in the Canadian federal election. The Liberals won 133 of 221 seats in the House of Commons, down 4 from before the election; they took 54 of 65 seats in Quebec. The Conservative Party (82) and Liberal-Conservative (3) coalition, led by Robert Borden, won 85 seats, an increase of 10. 1 independent Conservative, 1 independent, and 1 Labour Party candidate were elected. Two future Prime Ministers were elected to the House of Commons for the first time: Mackenzie King (Liberal--York North); and Arthur Meighen (Conservative--Portage La Prairie). It was the first federal election since Alberta and Saskatchewan had become provinces.

100 years ago

Died on this date
César Ritz, 68
. Swiss hotelier. Mr. Ritz began managing hotels in the 1870s, but was best known for the hotels he founded and owned, most notably the Hôtel Ritz in Paris and the Ritz and Carlton Hotels in London. The term "ritzy" has come to denote high-class cuisine and accommodation.

Erich Ludendorff, Quartermaster-General of the Imperial German Army, was dismissed by Kaiser Wilhelm II for refusing to cooperate in peace negotiations.

90 years ago

Died on this date
Sally Maria Diggs, aka Rose Ward Hunt, 77
. Former U.S. slave. Miss Diggs was a 9-year-old slave girl known as "Pinky" who was "sold into freedom" by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn, New York on February 5, 1860, with $900 raised to buy a gold ring up for auction. Miss Diggs became a well-educated woman, later known as Mrs. Hunt, and returned the ring to the church in 1927.

Radio transmissions were exchanged between Schenectady, New York and Sydney, Australia; they were heard in Lima, Peru, which also heard radios between Australia and Java.

Dr. Mansfield Robinson reportedly received a reply to a telegraphic message he had sent from St. Albans, England to Oomararu, the big-eared woman of Mars, with who he was allegedly in contact with by telepathy. The call was sent at 2:15 A.M. on October 23 and the engineers at St. Albans listened on a 30,000-metre wavelength, but received no reply, Dr. Robinson said, until October 26, when word came that Mars is a wicked planet, not fit to associate with Earth. It was Dr. Robinson's second attempt to communicate with Mars; his first attempt had taken place two years earlier, with no apparent result.

Economics and finance
With affection for Prime Minister Benito Mussolini and a desire to aid the Italian economy, common people in Italy offered up gilt-edged national securities worth more than $7 million to be publicly burned in Rome to reduce the public debt.

31 people were killed and more than 50 injured as the result of a head-on collision between the Simpion Express train and a local express near the Romanian station of Slatina.

75 years ago

Japanese Emperor Hirohito told a special session of the Diet that the war situation was "truly grave," while Prime Minister Hideki Tojo said that "the United States, defeated at the beginning, is overcoming many difficulties and the war is growing in intensity." The Royal Canadian Air Force sank its fourth German U-boat in seven weeks. Soviet troops captured Karnavatka, a railroad station within the limits of Krivoi Rog.

The prototype of the German Dornier Do 335 "Pfeil" fighter plane made its first flight, with Flugkapitän Hans Dieterle at the controls.

Two Jehovah's Witnesses children were expelled from school in Lethbridge, Alberta for refusing to salute the flag during patriotic exercises. Their parents believed in paying homage only to God, not to material objects. The children stood at attention during the salute, but this was not enough.

Economics and finance
The U.S. government established the Foreign Economic Administration, which included the Lend-Lease Administration, the Offices of Economic Warfare and Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation, and the foreign procurement division of the CCC and State Department agencies dealing with foreign economies.

70 years ago

World events
The Paraguayan government announced the suppression of a military revolt in Asuncion.

Foreign ministers of the Western European nations, meeting in Paris, announced plans to form a North Atlantic defense alliance with United States and Canada.

The "Little White House" of the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Warm Springs, Georgia was dedicated as a national shrine.

Economics and finance
Dun & Bradstreet's wholesale food price index dropped to a 15-month low of $6.47.

60 years ago

On television tonight
Alfred Hitchcock Presents, on CBS
Tonight's episode: The Crooked Road, starring Richard Kiley, Patricia Breslin, Walter Matthau, and Richard Erdman

Pan American Airways inaugurated its Boeing 707 service from New York City to Paris.

50 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Australia (Kent Music Report): Hey Jude/Revolution--The Beatles (4th week at #1)

#1 single in France: Monia--Peter Holm

#1 single in Italy (FIMI): Simon Says--1910 Fruitgum Company (4th week at #1)

#1 single in West Germany (Media Control): Help Yourself--Tom Jones (6th week at #1)

#1 single in Ireland (IRMA): Those were the Days--Mary Hopkin (3rd week at #1)

#1 single in the U.K. (New Musical Express): Those were the Days--Mary Hopkin (3rd week at #1)

#1 single in the U.S.A. (Billboard): Hey Jude--The Beatles (5th week at #1)

Netherlands Top 10 (De Nederlandse Top 40)
1 Hey Jude--The Beatles (7th week at #1)
2 Those were the Days--Mary Hopkin
--Sandie Shaw
3 Only One Woman--Marbles
4 Heidschi Bumbeidschi--Heintje
5 I Say a Little Prayer--Aretha Franklin
6 My Little Lady--The Tremeloes
7 On the Road Again--Canned Heat
8 Need Your Love So Bad--Fleetwood Mac
9 Rain and Tears--Aphrodite's Child
10 Window of My Eyes--Cuby + Blizzards

Singles entering the chart were Ik Ben Met Jou niet Getrouwd by Tony Bass (#28); Lovely Rita by Fats Domino (#32); Love in Copenhagen (Thema uit de NCRV TV Serie: "Glazen Stad") (#34); Mooier Dan Rode Rozen by De Heikrekels (#38); and I Found a True Love by Wilson Pickett (#39).

U.S.A. Top 10 (Cash Box)
1 Hey Jude--The Beatles (6th week at #1)
2 Fire--The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
3 Little Green Apples--O.C. Smith
4 Those were the Days--Mary Hopkin
5 Over You--Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
6 Girl Watcher--The O'Kaysions
7 Elenore--The Turtles
8 I've Gotta Get a Message to You--The Bee Gees
9 Suzie Q (Part One)--Creedence Clearwater Revival
10 Midnight Confessions--The Grass Roots

Singles entering the chart were I Love How You Love Me by Bobby Vinton (#74); Bring it on Home to Me by Eddie Floyd (#76); Goody Goody Gumdrops by the 1910 Fruitgum Company (#82); Let's Make a Promise by Peaches and Herb (#86); Not Enough Indians by Dean Martin (#89); Talking About My Baby by Gloria Walker (#92); Hooked on a Feeling by B.J. Thomas (#96); You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire by the Amboy Dukes (#98); Today by Jimmie Rodgers (#99); and It's Crazy by Eddie Harris (#100).

Calgary's Top 10 (Glenn's Music)
1 Revolution--The Beatles (6th week at #1)
2 Those were the Days--Mary Hopkin
3 Fire--Arthur Brown
4 Milk Train--The Everly Brothers
5 Over You--Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
6 San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)--Fever Tree
7 Shoot 'em Up, Baby--Andy Kim
8 Little Arrows--Leapy Lee
9 All Along the Watchtower--The Jimi Hendrix Experience
10 Harper Valley P.T.A.--Jeannie C. Riley
Pick hit of the week: Porpoise Song--The Monkees

The U.S.S.R. launched Soyuz 3, with Georgy Beregovoy as Pilot; at 47, he was the oldest person yet to fly in space. Colonel Beregovoy rendezvoused with the unmanned Soyuz 2 spacecraft, launched a day earlier, but failed in an attempt to dock with it.

Politics and government
The Rassemblement pour l'indépendence nationale (RIN) held its last congress, in Montreal; most members joined the new Parti Québecois.

McLaughlin Planetarium opened to the public.

The Centennial Museum and MacMillan Planetarium opened.

21 female patients died in a fire that swept through a wing of the Shelton Mental Hospital near Shrewsbury, England.

George Foreman of the United States scored a technical knockout of Ionas Chepulis of the U.S.S.R. in the 2nd round to win the gold medal in the boxing competition at the Summer Olympic Games in Mexico City. Mr. Foreman celebrated his victory by waving a small American flag, which served as a contrast to the Black Power salute of fellow American medalists Tommie Smith and John Carlos 10 days earlier.

St. Louis 2 @ Pittsburgh 4
Boston 0 @ Toronto 2

Larry Mickey's goal with less than 3 minutes remaining in the 1st period held up as the winner and Dave Keon scored in the 3rd period as the Maple Leafs blanked the Bruins at Maple Leaf Gardens, with Johnny Bower getting the shutout to win the goaltending duel over Gerry Cheevers.

Montreal (3-9-1) 19 @ Ottawa (8-3-2) 19
British Columbia (4-10-1) 23 @ Calgary (10-5) 42

David Ray kicked 3 field goals in the 2nd half to pull the Alouettes into a tie with the Rough Riders before 17,747 fans at Lansdowne Park.

Peter Liske passed for 4 touchdowns and rushed for a touchdown of his own to lead the Stampeders over the Lions at McMahon Stadium. Ted Gerela kicked 2 converts and 3 field goals for the Lions.

New Brunswick 2 @ St. Francis Xavier 21

Manitoba (4-1) 42 @ Saskatchewan (0-5) 7
Calgary (1-4) 1 @ Alberta (5-0) 38

Bruce Gainer returned a fumble 58 yards for a touchdown in the 1st quarter to open the scoring as the Golden Bears routed the Dinosaurs before more than 4,000 fans at Varsity Stadium in Edmonton. Hart Cantelon rushed 21 yards for the next touchdown, and set up another with a 60-yard gain on a screen pass. Terry Lampert passed 29 yards to John McManus for a touchdown and sneaked 1 yard for a TD of his own, with Dave Benbow adding 4 converts, as the Golden Bears scored 28 points in the 1st half. Mr. Cantelon scored the only touchdown of the 2nd half. Bill Newcombe's wind-aided 94-yard punt single was the only Calgary point.

40 years ago

Born on this date
Happy Birthday, Sveta!

Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and Iraqi President Ahmed Hassan Bakr concluded their three-day meeting in Iraq by issuing a joint communique, saying that they had agreed to work together toward a "full military union" against Israel. Diplomatic sources in Beirut indicated that Iraq would not send more than a token military force into Syria for fear of provoking Israel.

30 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Sweden (Topplistan): Hand in Hand--Koreana (4th week at #1)

Groupe Roussell Uclaf, manufacturer of RU-486, a pill designed to induce an abortion early in pregnancy, announced that it was suspending distribution of the drug because of opposition by opponents of abortion. The pill was currently available in France and China.

Students at 23 Québec CÉGEPs started a three-day strike.

Economics and finance
The United States Commerce Department reported that the gross national product had advanced at a 2.2% annual rate in the third quarter of 1988.

Nippon Series
Chunichi Dragons 0 @ Seibu Lions 6 (Seibu led best-of-seven series 3-1)

25 years ago

Deborah Gore Dean, former executive assistant to then-U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Samuel Pierce, was convicted in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. on 12 felony counts of defrauding the government, lying to Congress, and accepting a bribe. She was the eleventh person to be convicted in the HUD scandal, which had involved funneling construction and renovation contracts in the 1980s to consultants and developers with close ties to Republican party leaders.

Nippon Series
Seibu Lions 7 @ Yakult Swallows 2 (Yakult led best-of-seven series 2-1)

20 years ago

Nippon Series
Seibu Lions 1 @ Yokohama BayStars 2 (Yokohama won best-of-seven series 4-2)

10 years ago

Died on this date
Delmar Watson, 82
. U.S. actor and photographer. Mr. Watson was a child actor who appeared in bit parts in numerous films, often uncredited. He became a news photographer as an adult, editing and publishing five books. Mr. Watson died of prostate cancer.

Winnipeg (7-10) 24 @ Montreal (11-6) 23

Alexis Serna kicked a 32-yard field goal late in the game to give the Blue Bombers their win over the Alouettes before 20,202 fans at Molson Stadium. Terrence Edwards and Romby Bryant caught touchdown passes for Winnipeg.

World Series
Tampa Bay Rays 2 @ Philadelphia Phillies 10 (Philadelphia led best-of-seven series 3-1)

Ryan Howard drove in 5 home runs with a pair of home runs, Jayson Werth hit a 2-run homer, and winning pitcher Joe Blanton also homered to help the Phillies rout the Rays before 45,903 fans at Citizens Bank Park. Mr. Blanton became the first pitcher since Ken Holtzman in 1974 to hit a home run in a World Series game.

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