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November 27, 2018

150 years ago

In the Battle of Washita River, United States Army Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer led an attack on Black Kettle’s Southern Cheyenne camp living on reservation land in Oklahoma. The dead included woman and children, and debate continues as to whether the action was a battle or a massacre.

120 years ago

The Portland Gale ravaged the Maritimes and New England, killing more than 400 people and sinking more than 150 boats and ships. The U.S. passenger sidewheeler SS Portland, with an estimated 193-245 people aboard, including 63 crew, sank off Cape Ann, Massachusetts, with the loss of everyone aboard.

100 years ago

Born on this date
Stephen Elliott
. U.S. actor. Mr. Elliott, born Elliott Pershing Stitzel, was mainly a stage actor, but also appeared in television programs, and in movies such as Arthur (1981) and Beverly Hills Cop (1984). He died on May 21, 2005 at the age of 86.

90 years ago

Died on this date
Nelson Rehmeyer, 59
. U.S. crime victim. Mr. Rehmeyer, who lived alone on a farm near Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, was killed when he resisted efforts of a superstition-crazed man and two youths to cut a lock of hair from his head to be buried eight feet underground, to break a spell they thought had been cast over a family.

Politics and government
"To keep the crooks out" of government work, the U.S. Civil Service Commission announced that it was planning to install fingerprinting systems in 250 cities.

Henry Blackmer, a fugitive U.S. Senate witness in the Teapot Dome oil leasing scandal of 1923, was arraigned in Paris on the application of the U.S. government for his extradition on a warrant charging perjury in his income tax return. The French advocate general advised the court that the offense charged was not a crime in France and therefore was not extraditable.

75 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in the U.S.A. (Billboard): Paper Doll--The Mills Brothers (4th week at #1)

Died on this date
William J. Fahy
. U.S. criminal. Mr. Fahy was a U.S. postal inspector who teamed up with two racketeers and the Newton Gang in 1924 to rob a postal train in Illinois, netting more than $3 million in the largest train robbery in history. Mr. Fahy served 13 years in prison and refused a commutation of his sentence in return for an admission of guilt, and died in Chicago.

Ivo Ribar, 27. Yugoslavian politician. Mr. Ribar was a Communist who became one of the closest collaborators of Yugoslav Communist Party leader Josip Broz Tito. He was a leader of the Yugoslav Partisans during World War II, and was among the founders of the Unified League of Anti-Fascist Youth of Yugoslavia (USAOJ). Mr. Ribar was preparing to board a flight to Cairo as the first representative of Communist Yugoslavia to the Middle East Command, when he was killed when a German bomb struck the Glamoč airfield in southwestern Bosnia.

Colombia declared a state of belligerency with Germany because of the sinking of the schooner Ruby by a German U-boat in the Caribbean Sea.

Grey Cup @ Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Hamilton Flying Wildcats 23 Winnipeg RCAF Bombers 14

Doug Smith, Jimmy Fumio, and Mel Lawson scored touchdowns for the Flying Wildcats as they took an 18-7 1st-quarter lead and held on to defeat the RCAF Bombers before 16,423 fans. Mr. Smith scored on a 30-yard pass from Joe Krol, who converted to give Hamilton a 6-0 lead. Brian Quinn scored a single on the subsequent kickoff to give Winnipeg its first point, and the RCAF Bombers briefly took a 7-6 lead on a 17-yard touchdown rush by Garney Smith, converted by Ches McCance. Mr. Fumio scored when he blocked a punt and recovered it, and Mr. Lawson rushed 1 yard for the third Hamilton TD, both converted by Mr. Krol, who added a field goal in the 3rd quarter to make the score 21-7. The RCAF Bombers scored a touchdown before the end of the quarter on a 42-yard pass from Mr. Quinn to Jim Berry, converted by Mr. McCance. Winnipeg quarterback Dave Greenberg directed his team to the Hamilton 1-yard line in the 4th quarter, but the Flying Wildcats' defense held on three successive plays. Mr. Quinn eventually kicked another single, but Mr. Krol punted 75 yards for a single, and Doug Smith added another to put the game out of reach.

Navy 13 @ Army 0

The Midshipmen's shutout of the Black Knights at Michie Stadium was the first Army-Navy game to be played in West Point, New York since their first meeting in 1890.

70 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in the U.S.A. (Billboard) (Best Seller): Buttons and Bows--Dinah Shore and the Happy Valley Boys (4th week at #1)

U.S. top 10 (Cash Box)
1 Buttons and Bows--Dinah Shore and the Happy Valley Boys (3rd week at #1)
--The Dinning Sisters
2 On a Slow Boat to China--Kay Kyser Orchestra
--Freddy Martin and his Orchestra
--Benny Goodman and his Orchestra
--Eddy Howard and his Orchestra
--Art Lund
3 Maybe You'll Be There--Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra
4 Twelfth Street Rag--Pee Wee Hunt and his Orchestra
5 A Tree in the Meadow--Margaret Whiting
6 Until--Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra
7 Underneath the Arches--Primo Scala’s Banjo and Accordian Orchestra with the Keynotes
--The Andrews Sisters
8 Say Something Sweet to Your Sweetheart--Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae with the Starlighters
9 It's Magic--Doris Day
--Dick Haymes and Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra
--Tony Martin
10 My Darling, My Darling--Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae with the Starlighters
--Doris Day and Buddy Clark

Singles entering the chart were By the Way, with versions by Perry Como; and Jo Stafford (#27); and Brush Those Tears from Your Eyes by Evelyn Knight (#32).

U.K. Prime Minister Clement Attlee appointed a special tribunal headed by Justice George Lynskey to investigate charges of corruption in the Board of Trade and other government agencies.

Soviet authorities in Germany ordered a sharp reduction in electric power due to a coal shortage caused by a cutoff of British shipments from the Ruhr.

Hungarian Deputy Premier Matyas Rakosi announced a program of farm collectivization.

The French General Confederation of Labour ended the eight-week strike of coal miners after most miners returned to work.

Grey Cup @ Varsity Stadium, Toronto
Calgary 12 Ottawa 7

The Stampeders won the Grey Cup for the first time with a 12-7 win over the Rough Riders before 20,013 fans. In a game that saw momentum switch back and forth, Ottawa scored the only point of the first quarter on a punt single by Tony Golab. Calgary struck just before halftime. Quarterback Keith Spaith completed a pass to Woody Strode at the Ottawa 14-yard line for a 30 yard gain. The Rough Riders were so busy arguing that Mr. Strode had caught the ball out of bounds that they failed to notice Normie Hill of the Stampeders lying on the ground, in bounds, on the opposite side of the field. The ball was quickly snapped for the next play, and Mr. Hill jumped up and went to the goal line to grab Mr. Spaith's pass. He was hit by an Ottawa defender as the pass arrived, and the ball popped up in the air, but Mr. Hill caught it sitting down. The "sleeper play" touchdown, converted by Fred Wilmot, gave Calgary a 6-1 halftime lead. The Rough Riders scored early in the third quarter, taking possession at the Calgary 46 after illegal interference was called against the Stampeders on the second-half kickoff. Quarterback Bob Paffrath finished the drive with a one-yard quarterback sneak. Eric Chipper's convert gave the Rough Riders a 7-6 lead. With about 5 minutes gone in the fourth quarter, the Rough Riders were enjoying a wide advantage in play when, from about the Ottawa 40, Mr. Paffrath threw a lateral to halfback Pete Karpuk. Mr. Karpuk fumbled, and an official blew his horn to indicate that the pass was offside. Mr. Karpuk and other players made no attempt to pick up the ball, but there was no whistle to end the play, so Mr. Strode finally scooped it up, and ran to the Ottawa 15 and lateralled to Jim Mitchener, who was stopped at the 10. Pete Thodos ran for the touchdown on the next play, and Mr. Wilmot converted to make the score 12-7. The Rough Riders were unable to score in the remaining ten minutes. The win culminated the wildest Grey Cup week that had yet been seen. It was the first time since 1911 that a Calgary team had won the western title, and the first time a Calgary squad had been to the Grey Cup. Trainloads of fans accompanied the team, and the subsequent partying in downtown Toronto marked the beginning of tghe modern Grey Cup week. The win also enabled the Stampeders to finish the season undefeated. They won all 12 of their regular season games, but were held to a tie by the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the first game of the two-game total points WIFU finals, before winning the second game.

Army 21 Navy 21 @ Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia

60 years ago

Died on this date
Georgi Damyanov, 66
. Head of State of Bulgaria, 1950-1958. Mr. Damyanov, a Communist, was Bulgaria's Defense Minister from 1946-1950 and Chairman of the Presidium of the National Assembly (head of state) from 1950 until his death. He was succeeded in the latter position by Dimitar Ganev.

The Maxwell Club of Philadelphia named Army halfback Pete Dawkins as the winner of the Heisman Trophy as the most outstanding college football player in the United States for 1958.

50 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in the U.K. (Record Retailer): The Good, the Bad and the Ugly--Hugo Montenegro, his Orchestra and Chorus (3rd week at #1)

Australia's Top 10 (Go-Set)
1 Hey Jude/Revolution--The Beatles (8th week at #1)
2 Little Arrows--Leapy Lee
3 Those were the Days--Mary Hopkin
4 (The Lament of the Cherokee) Indian Reservation--Don Fardon
5 Hold Me Tight--Johnny Nash
6 Harper Valley P.T.A.--Jeannie C. Riley
7 1,2,3, Red Light--1910 Fruitgum Company
8 Over You--Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
9 Elenore/Surfer Dan--The Turtles
10 Cinnamon--Derek

Singles entering the chart were All Along the Watchtower by the Jimi Hendrix Experience (#27); Chewy, Chewy by Ohio Express (#28); Abraham, Martin and John by Dion (#35); Mexican Whistler by Roger Whittaker (#39); and Let's Take a Walk by Tommy Leonetti (#40).

At the movies
Hellfighters, starring John Wayne, Katharine Ross, Jim Hutton, and Vera Miles, opened in theatres.

Los Angeles 111 @ Kentucky 107 (OT)

Penny Ann Early, 25, became the first woman to play major professional basketball, when she played for the Colonels for a few seconds in their loss to the Stars before 5,345 fans at Louisville Convention Center. She took the ball out of bounds in the Kentucky backcourt early in the game and inbounded it to teammate Bobby Rascoe, whereupon Kentucky coach Gene Rhodes called time out and removed her from the game. Warren Davis led Los Angeles with 23 points, while Kentucky's Louie Dampier led all scorers with 30 points.

40 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Australia (Kent Music Report): Three Times a Lady--Commodores (5th week at #1)

#1 single in Japan (Oricon Singles Chart): Kisetsu no Naka de--Chiharu Matsuyama (4th week at #1)

#1 single in Spain (PROMUSICAE): You're the One that I Want--John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John (8th week at #1)

Died on this date
George Moscone, 49
. U.S. politician. Mr. Moscone, a Democrat, was a member of the California State Senate from 1967-1976 serving as Majority Leader. He was Mayor of San Francisco from 1976 until his death, and was notable for appointing sodomites and members of racial minority groups to various positions. Three days after his 49th birthday, Mr. Moscone was assassinated by Dan White, an opponent of his. Mr. White, a former policeman, had recently resigned from the city's Board of Supervisors, but had changed his mind and asked Mr. Moscone to reappoint him. Mr. Moscone refused, but offered to meet with Mr. White to discuss the matter. Mr. White, carrying his old police revolver, sneaked through a window in City Hall in order to avoid the metal detector, and fatally shot Mr. Moscone. Mr. Moscone's death occurred nine days after the mass suicide/murder of over 900 people at the Peoples Temple compound at Jonestown, Guyana; Jonestown leader Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple had helped significantly in Mr. Moscone's election campaign in 1975. Mr. Moscone was succeeded as Mayor by Board of Supervisors President Dianne Feinstein.

Harvey Milk, 48. U.S. politician. Mr. Milk was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977 and took office in January 1978, becoming the first non-incumbent openly sodomite man to win election to public office in the United States, and sponsored a sodomite rights bill that was regarded as the most stringent in the United States. After assassinating Mayor Moscone, Dan White re-loaded his gun, walked across City Hall, and fatally shot Mr. Milk, turning himself in to police shortly afterward.

30 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in New Zealand (RIANZ): The Only Way is Up--Yazz and the Plastic Population (2nd week at #1)

#1 single in Switzerland: A Groovy Kind of Love--Phil Collins (5th week at #1)

Died on this date
John Carradine, 82
. U.S. actor. Mr. Carradine, born Richmond Reed Carradine, was known for his rich, deep voice, and acted in Shakespearean roles on stage, but was better known as a character actor in several hundred movies and television programs, especially horror movies and Westerns in a career spanning about 60 years. His sons David, Keith, and Robert became actors.

United Nations Secretary-General Javier Perez de Cuellar said that U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz's denial the previous day of permission for Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat to travel to New York to address the UN General Assembly because of Mr. Arafat's "association with terrorism" would harm diplomatic efforts in the Middle East.

Politics and government
In a speech to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev deplored the "disastrous" rise of nationalism, citing the Soviet republics of Estonia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan.

World heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was baptized at a Baptist church in Cleveland in a ceremony attended by Rev. Jesse Jackson, boxing promoter Don King, and about 700 others. According to a news report, Mr. Tyson, wearing a white robe, stepped into a pool of water, immersed himself, and then embraced Rev. Henry Payden, who presided over the ceremony along with Rev. Jackson. Rev. Hayden said, "Mike, now your job is to take the message of Christ to the people." Mr. Tyson's subsequent conduct, which included a conviction for rape that resulted in a prison term, and a profession of belief in Islam, indicates that while he professed saving faith in Jesus Christ, he didn't possess saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Grey Cup @ Lansdowne Park, Ottawa
Winnipeg 22 British Columbia 21

Trevor Kennerd's fourth field goal of the game, from 30 yards, broke a 19-19 tie with 2:55 remaining in regulation time, and Mike Gray's interception at the Winnipeg 2-yard line foiled a late drive as the Blue Bombers, playing in the Grey Cup for the first time since moving to the East Division in 1987, edged the Lions before 50,604 fans. The Lions led 7-4 after the 1st quarter on a 14-yard touchdown rush by Tony Cherry, converted by Lui Passaglia, sandwiched between a 42-yard punt single by Bob Cameron and a 22-yard field goal by Mr. Kennerd. Mr. Kennerd kicked a 43-yard field goal to tie the game at 4:40 of the 2nd quarter, but B.C. quarterback Matt Dunigan threw a 26-yard touchdown pass to David Williams, and Mr. Passaglia's convert gave the Lions a 14-7 lead with 6:38 remaining in the 1st half. Just 1:24 later, the Blue Bombers tied the score on a 35-yard pass from quarterback Sean Salisbury to James Murphy, converted by Mr. Kennerd. Mr. Passaglia missed a 41-yard field goal attempt, but it went for a single with 1:05 remaining, giving B.C. a 15-14 halftime lead. Mr. Passaglia and Mr. Kennerd exchanged field goals in the 3rd quarter, and then a single on a missed FG by Mr. Kennerd tied the score 18-18 with 3:45 left in the quarter. Mr. Passaglia boomed an 84-yard punt single 1:19 later to give the Lions the lead, bu Mr. Cameron punted 49 yards for a single on the last play of the 3rd quarter to make the score 19-19. After Mr. Kennerd kicked his last field goal, Mr. Dunigan drove the Lions to the Winnipeg 7-yard line and appeared to have the Lions in good shape to tie or win the game, but Mr. Gray, a defensive tackle, batted one of his passes and intercepted to kill the drive. Mr. Cameron conceded a safety touch with 58 seconds remaining in regulation time and B.C. defensive back Anthony Drawhorn returned the subsequent kickoff 38 yards to the Lions' 45-yard line, but Mr. Cherry was penalized for unnecessary roughness, moving the ball back to the 30. The Lions were unable to move the ball in the final seconds. Mr. Murphy, who led all receivers with 165 yards on 5 receptions--including a 71-yard gain to set up one of Mr. Kennerd's field goals--was named the game's outstanding offensive player. Mr. Gray was named the outstanding defensive player, and Mr. Cameron, who averaged 47.3 yards on 11 punts, was named the outstanding Canadian. Mr. Cherry led all rushers with 23 carries for 133 yards, including one gain of 52 yards. Tim Jessie led the Blue Bombers with 35 yards on 8 carries. Mr. Williams led B.C. receivers with 78 yards on 3 receptions, and expressed criticism after the game of some of the play-calling of B.C. head coach Larry Donovan. Mr. Salisbury completed just 12 of 32 passes, but for 246 yards with 1 touchdown and no interceptions. Mr. Dunigan was 14 for 32 for 196 yards, 1 TD and 2 interceptions. Mr. Passaglia averaged 45.7 yards on 9 punts.

25 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Australia (ARIA): Please Forgive Me--Bryan Adams

#1 single in Italy: Come Mai--883 & Fiorello

#1 single in Spain (PROMUSICAE): Boom! Shake the Room--DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince (4th week at #1)

#1 single in Flanders (VRT): I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)--Meat Loaf (2nd week at #1)

#1 single in France (SNEP): Living on My Own (1993)--Freddie Mercury (8th week at #1)

#1 single in the Netherlands (De Nederlandse Top 40): I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)--Meat Loaf (4th week at #1)

#1 single in the U.K. (Chart Information Network): I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)--Meat Loaf (6th week at #1)

#1 single in the U.S.A. (Billboard): I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)--Meat Loaf (4th week at #1)

U.S. top 10 (Cash Box)
1 I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)--Meat Loaf (4th week at #1)
2 Again--Janet Jackson
3 All That She Wants--Ace of Base
4 Just Kickin' It--Xscape
5 Please Forgive Me--Bryan Adams
6 Shoop--Salt-N-Pepa
7 Hero--Mariah Carey
8 Breathe Again--Toni Braxton
9 Gansta Lean--D.R.S.
10 Can We Talk--Tevin Campbell

Singles entering the chart were Said I Loved You...But I Lied by Michael Bolton (#12); Time and Chance by Color Me Badd (#30); All About Soul by Billy Joel (#34); Freakit by Das EFX (#38); Because the Night by 10,000 Maniacs (#44); Mr. Vain by Culture Beat (#47); Real Muthaphuckkin G's by Eazy-E (#50); I Can See Clearly Now by Jimmy Cliff (#54); Award Tour by Tribe Called Quest (#73); Looking for Mr. Do Right by Jade (#75); Found Out About You by Gin Blossoms (#76); 93 'Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief (#78); Into Your Arms by the Lemonheads (#86); and I'm Real by Kris Kross (#89). I Can See Clearly Now was from the movie Cool Runnings (1993).

Canada's top 10 (RPM)
1 All That She Wants--Ace of Base (2nd week at #1)
2 Please Forgive Me--Bryan Adams
3 Again--Janet Jackson
4 I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)--Meat Loaf
5 No Rain--Blind Melon
6 Both Sides of the Story--Phil Collins
7 When There's Time (For Love)--Lawrence Gowan
8 Human Wheels--John Mellencamp
9 Wild World--Mr. Big
10 Hero--Mariah Carey

Singles entering the chart were All for Love by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting (#67); Something in Common by Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston (#68); State of the Heart by West End Girls (#80); Darling Be Home Soon by the Barra MacNeils (#83); Stone Free by Eric Clapton (#84); Just Keep Me Moving by k.d. lang (#88); Heal it Up by Concrete Blonde (#93); It's Too Real (Big Scary Animal) by Belinda Carlisle (#96); and Commitment of the Heart by Clive Griffin (#97). All for Love was from the movie The Three Musketeers (1993).

20 years ago

Died on this date
Barbara Acklin, 55
. U.S. singer-songwriter. Miss Acklin was a soul singer who had several hit singles in the late 1960s and early '70s, with her biggest hit being Love Makes a Woman, which reached #3 on the Billboard Rhythm and Blues chart and #15 on the Hot 100 pop chart in 1968. She also had some success as a songwriter, especially in partnership with Eugene Record, lead singer of the Chi-Lites; the two combined to write Have You Seen Her (#1 R&B, #3 Hot 100) (1971). Miss Acklin died of pneumonia as she was beginning to record a new album in an attempt to revive her career.

10 years ago

Died on this date
V. P. Singh, 77
. Prime Minister of India, 1989-1990. Vishwanath Pratap Singh, a member of the Indian National Congress Party until 1987, was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh from 1969-1971 and was first elected to the Lak Sabha in 1971. He served as India's Finance Minister from 1984-1987 in the cabinet of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, but resigned from the cabinet and the party in 1987. Mr. Singh founded and served as the first president of the opposition party Janata Dal, which joined in an opposition coalition known as the National Front. When the National Front formed the government after the 1989 general election, Mr. Singh served as Prime Minister and Defense Minister. Mr. Singh attempted to improve the lot of India's backward castes, but the coalition was defeated, and Mr. Singh left office after just 11 months as Prime Minister. His later political efforts were unsuccessful, and he died after a long battle with cancer.

The Iraqi parliament approved a pact requiring all U.S. troops to be out of the country by January 1, 2012.

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