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July 8, 2021

260 years ago

The Mi’kmaq of Chignecto, New Brunswick agreed to the 1760 Treaty of Peace and Friendship, as a renewal of the agreements of 1725 and 1749, reaffirming Mi’kmaq hunting and fishing rights.

190 years ago

Born on this date
John Pemberton, 57
. U.S. pharmacist. Dr. Pemberton is best known for creating Coca-Cola in 1886 in Atlanta. He died on July 8, 1888 at the age of 57.

170 years ago

Born on this date
John Murray
. Australian politician. Mr. Murray, a Liberal, represented Warmambool in the Victorian Legislative Assembly from 1884 until his death, and held several cabinet posts before serving as Premier of Victoria (1909-1912). He resigned as Premier in the result of opposition within his party, and served as Chief Secretary in the government of his successor, William Watt. Mr. Murray died in an equestrian accident on May 4, 1916 at the age of 64.

Arthur Evans. U.K. archaeologist. Sir Arthur was a journalist and keeper of the Ashmolean Museum at the University of Oxford who was a pioneer in the study of Aegean civilization in the Bronze Age. He was best known for unearthing the palace of Knossos on the Greek island of Crete in the early 1900s. Sir Arthur died on July 11, 1941, three days after his 90th birthday.

130 years ago

Married on this date
Future U.S. President Warren G. Harding married Florence K. DeWolfe in Marion, Ohio.

125 years ago

Politics and government
Sir Charles Tupper resigned as Canada's 6th Prime Minister; he had held the position since May 1, 1896, after serving as Canada's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. He was replaced as Prime Minister by Liberal Party leader Wilfrid Laurier, ending 18 years of Conservative Party government.

110 years ago

Rube Marquard (8-3) hit his only major league home run as he pitched the New York Giants to a 5-2 win over the Chicago Cubs at the Polo Grounds in New York, which had recently been refurbished after a fire. Harry McIntire (9-3) gave up Mr. Marquard's home run and was the losing pitcher.

The Cincinnati Reds scored 8 runs in the top of the 1st inning en route to an 11-7 win over the Boston Rustlers at South End Grounds in Boston.

100 years ago

Born on this date
John Money
. N.Z.-born U.S. psychologist. Dr. Money was a pervert who promoted the normalization of pedophilia and sexual reassignment surgery, and advocated the idea that gender identity is a matter of social learning rather than biology. His most infamous deed was the sexual reassignment surgery of David Reimer, an infant who had been left without a penis because of a botched circumcision. Dr. Money encouraged David's parents to have the boy's testicles removed, give him hormone treament, and have him raised as a female. For years, Dr. Money promoted the sexual reassignment as a success story, but in 1997 David Reimer, who had previously been anonymous (known in the literature as "John/Joan"), went public with the revelation that the sexual reassignment had been a disaster, and that he had transitioned to living as a male at the age of 15. David's twin brother Brian died from an overdose of antidepressants at the age of 36, and David fatally shot himself at the age of 38 on May 4, 2004. Dr. Money died on July 7, 2006, the day before his 85th birthday.

An order was issued in Pittsburgh allowing baseball fans to keep balls hit into the stands at Forbes Field. Director of public safety Robert Allardice made the ruling after three policemen were threatened with lawsuits by fans who had been arrested for refusing to throw balls back onto the diamond.

80 years ago

U.S. Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles, Argentine Ambassador to the U.S.A. Felipe Espil, and Brazilian Ambassador to the U.S.A. conferred in Washington on means to settle the border dispute between Ecuador and Peru.

U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt told a press conference that the United States would defend those areas where her vital interests lay, whether or not they were in the Western Hemisphere.

The New York State Board of Pardons announced that former New York Stock Exchange President Richard Whitney would be paroled from Sing Sing prison on August 11, 1941 after serving three years and four months of his 1938 sentence for grand larceny.

Major League All-Star Game @ Briggs Stadium, Detroit
National League 5 @ American League 7

Ted Williams of the Boston Red Sox hit a 3-run home run off Claude Passeau of the Chicago Cubs with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th inning to give the American League the win before 54,674 fans. Pittsburgh Pirates' shortstop Arky Vaughan became the first player to hit 2 home runs in an all-star game, homering in the 7th and 8th innings. Mr. Williams and Mr. Vaughan each batted in 4 runs.

75 years ago

Hit parade
U.S.A. Top 10 (Cash Box)
1 The Gypsy--The Ink Spots (8th week at #1)
--Dinah Shore
--Sammy Kaye and his "Swing and Sway" Orchestra
2 Prisoner of Love--Perry Como
--The Ink Spots
3 They Say it's Wonderful--Perry Como
--Frank Sinatra
4 Doin' What Comes Natur'lly--Dinah Shore and Spade Cooley and his Orchestra
--Freddy Martin and his Orchestra
--Jimmy Dorsey and his Orchestra
5 Laughing on the Outside (Crying on the Inside)--Dinah Shore
--Andy Russell
--Sammy Kaye and his "Swing and Sway" Orchestra
6 Cement Mixer (Put-ti Put-ti)--Alvino Rey and his Orchestra
--Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra
7 I'm a Big Girl Now--Sammy Kaye and his "Swing and Sway" Orchestra
8 Surrender--Perry Como
--Woody Herman and his Orchestra
9 Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop--Tex Beneke with the Glenn Miller Orchestra
--Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra
10 One More Tomorrow--Frankie Carle and his Orchestra

Singles entering the chart were the version of Doin' What Comes Natur'lly by Freddy Martin and his Orchestra; Salute to Glenn Miller by the Modernaires with Paula Kelly (#29); Remember Me, with versions by Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, and Bing Crosby (#33); Baby, You Can Count on Me by Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra (#34); and From This Day Forward by Frank Sinatra (#39). From This Day Forward was the other side of Something Old Something New, charting at #22.

On the radio
The Casebook of Gregory Hood, starring Gale Gordon and Carl Harbord, on MBS
Tonight's episode: The Derringer Society

Died on this date
Aleksandr Vasilevich Aleksandrov, 63
. U.S.S.R. composer. Mr. Aleksandrov wrote the Soviet national anthem, which is now--with different lyrics--the Russian national anthem. He died while on tour in Berlin.

Nationalist Chinese forces occupied the transportation centre of Hsuanhuatien, threatening to trap 60,000 Communist troops in the province of Hupeh.

U.S. President Harry Truman signed a $4,119,659,300 Navy appropriations bill.

New York police seized 130 copies of Memoirs of Hecate County by Edmund Wilson, condemned as obscene by the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice.

Representatives of 51 nations attended the opening session of the League of Red Cross Societies in Oxford, England.

U.S. Representative Andrew May (Democrat--Kentucky) publicly repudiated his earlier admission of procuring government orders for Cumberland Lumber Company, claiming he was a victim of "sinister attacks."

Economics and finance
The U.S.A., U.K., and Canada abolished their blacklists of firms and individuals who had aided the Axis.

70 years ago

On the radio
Mr. Moto, starring James Monks, on NBC
Tonight's episode: Sabotage

Preliminary arrangements for Korean truce talks were completed by U.S. and Communist liaison teams meeting in Kaesong.

11 Western European and American countries reached agreement in Washington on the allocation of tungsten and molybdenum, with the U.S.A. receiving 44.8% of the West's tungsten production and 77.8% of its molybdenum.

Paris celebrated its 2,000th anniversary.

The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis reported that the number of polio cases in the United States had risen 400% in the past 12 years.

60 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Australia (Kent Music Report): Travelin' Man/Hello Mary Lou--Ricky Nelson (2nd week at #1)

#1 single in Italy: Legata a un granello di sabbia--Nico Fidenco (2nd week at #1)

#1 single in West Germany (Media Control): Wheels (Vier Schimmel, ein Wagen)--Billy Vaughn and his Orchestra (7th week at #1)

#1 single in the U.K. (Record Mirror): Temptation--The Everly Brothers

U.S.A. Top 10 (Cash Box)
1 Quarter to Three--U.S. Bonds (2nd week at #1)
2 Raindrops--Dee Clark
3 The Boll Weevil Song--Brook Benton
4 Moody River--Pat Boone
5 Travelin' Man--Ricky Nelson
6 Tossin' and Turnin'--Bobby Lewis
7 Hats Off to Larry--Del Shannon
8 Yellow Bird--Arthur Lyman Group
--[Lawrence Welk and his Orchestra]
9 Stand by Me--Ben E. King
10 The Writing on the Wall--Adam Wade

Singles entering the chart were The Fish by Bobby Rydell (#74); A Tear by Gene McDaniels (#75); Wooden Heart by Joe Dowell (#77); Somebody Nobody Wants by Dion (#85); Granada by Frank Sinatra (#88); Think of Me by Maxine Brown (#91); Starlight, Starbright by Linda Scott (#93); You'll Answer to Me by Patti Page (#95); Have a Drink on Me by Buddy Thomas (#98); I Dreamed of a Hill-Billy Heaven by Tex Ritter (#99); That's What Girls are Made For by the Spinners (#100); I Don't Want to Take a Chanceby Mary Wells (also #100); and I'll Never Be Free by Kay Starr (also #100).

Vancouver's Top 10 (CFUN)
1 Quarter to Three--U.S. Bonds
2 Hats Off to Larry--Del Shannon
3 Dum Dum--Brenda Lee
4 Don't You Sweetheart Me--Bobby Curtola
5 Classmate--The Beau-Marks
6 Sea of Heartbreak--Don Gibson
7 Don't Be Cruel--Elvis Presley
8 Daydreams/So Goes the Story--Johnny Crawford
9 Never on Sunday--The Chordettes
10 Tossin' and Turnin'--Bobby Lewis

Singles entering the chart were So Goes the Story; Last Night by the Mar-Keys (#26); Michael by the Highwaymen (#36); Have a Drink on Me by Lonnie Donegan (#40); What Would You Do? by Jim Reeves (#43); Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea by Frankie Avalon (#45); I'm Comin' on Back to You by Jackie Wilson (#47); So Close to Heaven by Ral Donner (#49); and Gidget Goes Hawaiian by James Darren (#50). Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was the title song of the movie. Gidget Goes Hawaiian was the title song of the movie.

Vancouver's Top 10 (CKWX)
1 Hats Off to Larry--Del Shannon (3rd week at #1)
2 Quarter to Three--U.S. Bonds
3 Dum Dum--Brenda Lee
4 Sea of Heartbreak--Don Gibson
5 Daydreams--Johnny Crawford
6 Classmate--The Beau-Marks
7 Fallen Idol--Ken Lyon
8 Never on Sunday--The Chordettes
9 I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door--Eddie Hodges
10 Don't You Sweetheart Me--Bobby Curtola

Records entering the chart were Something for Everybody (LP) by Elvis Presley (#19); Let's Twist Again by Chubby Checker (#30); Last Night by the Mar-Keys (#35); Michael by the Highwaymen (#36); Princess by Frank Gari (#39); and The Mountain's High by Dick and Deedee (#40).

Green defeated Gold 21-19 in the Edmonton Eskimos' annual intrasquad game at Clarke Stadium.

50 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in France (IFOP): Pour un flirt--Michel Delpech

American and Soviet delegates opened the fifth round of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) in Helsinki.

World events
Two men were killed by British soldiers during rioting in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

Montreal (0-2) 10 @ Toronto (1-0) 29

40 years ago

Died on this date
Bill Hallahan, 78
. U.S. baseball pitcher. "Wild Bill" played with the St. Louis Cardinals (1925-1926, 1929-1936); Cincinnati Reds (1936-1937); and Philadelphia Phillies (1938), compiling a record of 102-94 with an earned run average of 4.03 in 324 games, batting .162 with 2 home runs and 32 runs batted in in 328 games. He led the National League in bases on balls and wild pitches three times each, in strikeouts twice, and tied for the NL lead in wins in 1931 (19). Mr. Hallahan played in four World Series with the Cardinals, and helped them win in 1926, 1931, and 1934; he was 3-1 with a 1.36 ERA in 7 World Series games. Mr. Hallahan died of cancer, 25 days before his 79th birthday.

Joe McDonnell, 29. U.K. terrorist. Mr. McDonnell, a native of Belfast, was a member of the provisional Irish Republican Army who was serving a 14-year sentence at Maze Prison for illegal possession of a firearm, and joined Bobby Sands and others in a hunger strike for special rights. He died on the 61st day of his strike.

30 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Japan (Oricon Singles Chart): Beat Emotion--Tomoyasu Hotei

#1 single in Finland (Musiikkituottajat – IFPI Finland): Lensin matalalla--Eppu Normaali

#1 single in Germany (Media Control): Wind of Change--Scorpions (6th week at #1)

Died on this date
James Franciscus, 57
. U.S. actor. Mr. Franciscus was known for his starring roles in the television series Naked City (1958-1959); The Investigators (1961); Mr. Novak (1963-1965); and Longstreet (1971-1972). He died of emphysema.

Politics and government
A Gallup Poll reported that 69% of Canadians wanted Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to resign; 80% in Ontario and 54% in Mr. Mulroney's home province of Québec favoured his resignation.

Joseph Burke a former teacher for the Roman Catholic Christian Brothers order, was sentenced to 25 months in prison for abusing boys under his care at the Mount Cashel Orphanage in St. John's, Newfoundland in the 1970s.

25 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Spain (PROMUSICAE): Forever Love--Gary Barlow

#1 single in Norway (VG-lista): Killing Me Softly--The Fugees (4th week at #1)

#1 single in Germany (Media Control): Killing Me Softly--The Fugees (2nd week at #1)

Canada's Top 10 (RPM)
1 Ahead by a Century--The Tragically Hip (2nd week at #1)
2 You Learn--Alanis Morissette
3 Give Me One Reason--Tracy Chapman
4 Fastlove--George Michael
5 The Only Thing that Looks Good on Me is You--Bryan Adams
6 Killing Me Softly--The Fugees
7 You Still Touch Me--Sting
8 Flood--Jars of Clay
9 Old Man & Me (When I Get to Heaven)--Hootie & the Blowfish
10 Theme from Mission: Impossible--Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen, Jr.

Singles entering the chart were Tucker's Town by Hootie & the Blowfish (#83); You're Makin' Me High by Toni Braxton (#87); Don't Look Back in Anger by Oasis (#90); Free to Decide by the Cranberries (#93); Someday by All-4-One (#94); Forever by Mariah Carey (#95); Waiting for Wednesday by Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories (#97); Whatever You Need by Damhait Doyle (#98); and Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham (#99).

Died on this date
Irene Prador, 84
. Austrian-born actress. Miss Prador, born Irene Peiser, emigrated to France in 1933 and later worked in the U.K. and Germany, appearing in plays, films, and television programs in a career spanning more than 50 years. She was the older sister of actress Lilli Palmer, and died in Berlin, eight days before her 85th birthday.

Three young children and four adults were attacked by a man with a machete at an infant school in Wolverhampton, England.

Hurricane Bertha struck the Caribbean islands and eastern United States.

20 years ago

Died on this date
John O'Shea, 81
. N.Z. movie producer and director. Mr. O'Shea was active from 1940-1970 and co-founded Pacific Films in Wellington, producing and directing short films as well as Broken Barrier (1952); Runaway (1964); and Don't Let it Get You (1966), the country's first three feature films made during that era. Mr. O'Shea also worked in television, and died 18 days after his 81st birthday.

A librarian found a reference to "base ball" from 1823, marking the earliest known reference to the game.

10 years ago

Died on this date
Betty Ford, 93
. U.S. First Lady, 1974-1977. Mrs. Ford was born Elizabeth Bloomer in Chicago. She married insurance salesman William Warren in 1942, and the couple were divorced in 1947. A year later, Mrs. Warren married lawyer and aspiring politician Gerald Ford, who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time a few weeks later. Mrs. Ford became First Lady when her husband succeeded Richard Nixon as President upon Mr. Nixon's resignation on August 9, 1974. She became addicted to alcohol and pills in the late 1970s, but recovered and founded the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic which has served as a second home for many a celebrity since 1982.

Roberts Blossom, 87. U.S. actor. Mr. Blossom was a character actor in plays, films, and television programs in a career spanning more than 40 years. He was known for his supporting roles in the movies Deranged (1974); The Great Gatsby (1974); and Home Alone (1990). Mr. Blossom wrote poetry in his later years, and died of cerebrovascular disease.

The U.S. space shuttle program began its last mission as a four-member crew commanded by Christopher Ferguson launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida aboard space shuttle Atlantis to begin mission STS-135. For its final mission, Atlantis was carrying 8,000 pounds of spare parts and supplies to the International Space Station. The space shuttle program officially ended when Atlantis returned 13 days later.

Toronto (1-1) 16 @ Winnipeg (2-0) 22

Calgary (1-1) 34 @ British Columbia (0-2) 32

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