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October 25, 2016

Born on this date
Happy Birthday, Tatyana!

400 years ago

A Dutch expedition led by Dirk Hartog made the second recorded landfall by a European on Australian soil, at the later-named Dirk Hartog Island off the West Australian coast.

125 years ago

Born on this date
Charles Coughlin
. Canadian-born U.S. clergyman and broadcaster. Father Coughlin, a native of Hamilton, Ontario, was the priest at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan from 1926-1966, but was best known for his radio broadcasts, which began in 1926 on the Detroit station WJR, and were picked up by the Columbia Broadcasting System in 1930. Fr. Coughlin began injecting political content into his broadcasts, and initially supported U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, but from 1934 on, increasingly opposed the Roosevelt administration's New Deal economic policies. Fr. Coughlin helped to found the Union Party, but its 1936 U.S. presidential candidate, William Lemke, failed to attract much support. Fr. Coughlin's broadcasts became more anti-Jewish and pro-Fascist, and the Roosevelt administration imposed regulations that had the effect of forcing Fr. Coughlin off the air in 1940. Fr. Coughlin published the weekly newsletter Social Justice from 1936-1942, but ceased its publication on orders of Roman Catholic authorities, under pressure from the Roosevelt administration. Fr. Coughlin ended his public career, and continued as priest of the Shrine of the Little Flower, retreating into obscurity. He died on October 27, 1989, two days after his 88th birthday.

Round 1
Royal Military College 17 @ Queen's College 25 (Queen's University won 2-game total points series 53-24)

100 years ago

The Canadian Fourth Division attacked German troops at the Somme in France.

75 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in the U.S.A. (Billboard): Piano Concerto in B Flat--Freddy Martin and his Orchestra (4th week at #1)

Philadelphia Museum of Art curator Henri Marceau announced that an 18 X 30-inch painting titled Crucifixion that for two centuries had been attributed to Rembrandt van Rijn was in fact spurious.

German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler conferred with Italian Foreign Minister Count Ciano at the German headquarters in Russia.

The government of Costa Rica announced that foreigners who attacked friendly nations or democratic principles would be expelled.

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 12-11 in favour of permitting U.S. merchant ships to arm themselves and enter war zones.

Politics and government
U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt established the Office of Facts and Figures, with Archibald MacLeish as unpaid director.

Transportation and newspaper employees in La Paz, Bolivia ended their five-day strike after being granted a 20% wage increase.

Toronto Argonauts (4-1) 6 @ Ottawa (4-1) 24
Montreal (0-5) 0 @ Toronto Balmy Beach (2-3) 9

Murray Griffin, Johnny Fripp, and Stan O'Neil scored touchdowns for the Rough Riders in their win over the Argonauts at Lansdowne Park, while George Fraser added 3 converts and 2 field goals. Red Storey scored the Argonauts' touchdown, converted by Earl Selkirk.

Hugh Cuddie scored Balmy Beach's touchdown, while Bobby Reid converted and added a field goal.

70 years ago

23 Germany physicians accused of concentration camp atrocities during World War II went on trial in Nuremberg. Among the accused was Karl Brandt, Adolf Hitler's personal physician. Iva Toguri, an American citizen who had spent World War II making radio broadcasts from Japan and who was one of those known by the collective nickname "Tokyo Rose," was released from prison in Tokyo.

World events
Cuban Prime Minister Carlos Prio Socarras announced the suppression of an anti-government plot.

In response to a U.S. War Department request for a report on the morale of U.S. forces in the Pacific, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers in Japan General Douglas MacArthur blamed military-civilian clashes in the Philippines on Filipino nationalism and the "irresponsibility" of some American recruits.

Politics and government
The Untied States Army announced the suspension of the military government officer of Nuremberg pending investigation of an alleged anti-German demonstration in the city on September 30 by American soldiers and Jewish and Polish refugees.

John Rogge, special assistant to the U.S. Attorney General, was dismissed for indicating in a speech that the German Nazi regime had favoured the election of Republican candidate Thomas Dewey as President of the United States in 1944.

Economics and finance
U.S. President Harry Truman proclaimed a state of emergency in housing and ordered the lifting of import duties from lumber and lumber products.

60 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in France (IFOP): La Plus belle chose au monde--Luis Mariano (4th week at #1)

Died on this date
Shūhei Higa, 54
. Okinawan politician. Mr. Higa was Chief Executive of the Ryukyu Islands from the beginning of self-government under U.S. occupation on April 1, 1952 until his death. He was succeeded by Jūgō Tōma.

Soviet tanks and Hungarian security police fired on unarmed crowds in front of the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest, causing an estimated 170 deaths.

Egypt, Jordan, and Syria signed an agreement placing their armies under a joint command headed by Egyptian commander-in-chief and War Minister General Abdel Hakim Amer.

The Woodrow Wilson Foundation presented its annual citation to former U.S. Secretary of State George Marshall for his post-World War II diplomatic achivements.

The 1956 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Puerto Rican poet Juan Ramon Jimenez, 74, who was cited for his lyric poetry.

The Venezuelan Oil Company announced an important new strike in the western area of the state of Monagas near the Caribbean coast.

50 years ago

On television tonight
Wojeck, starring John Vernon, on CBC
Tonight's episode: Pick a Time, Any Time

The Fugitive, starring David Janssen, on ABC
Tonight's episode: Second Sight, with guest stars Tim Considine, Ned Glass, and Crahan Denton

The two-day Manila Conference concluded. U.S. President Lyndon Johnson represented the United States, as he, with representatives of the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Vietnam, and Thailand discussed progress of the war in Vietnam and expressed their views on a unified effort to develop the economies of Southeast Asia.

World events
Former Indonesian Foreign Minister Subandrio was sentenced to death for his part in an October 1, 1965 Communist plot against the government.

Saskatchewan (9-6-1) 28 @ Calgary (5-9-1) 26

Jack Abendschan's second field goal of the game, with 24 seconds remaining, gave the Roughriders their win over the Stampeders before 18,435 fans at McMahon Stadium. Saskatchewan flanker Hugh Campbell caught his 17th touchdown pass of the season to set a CFL record. Ed Buchanan and Gord Barwell scored the other Roughrider TDs, all converted by Mr. Abendschan. Larry Robinson returned an interception for a Calgary touchdown and added 2 converts. Bill Goods, Howard Starks, and Peter Liske scored the other Stampeder TDs.

40 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Australia (Kent Music Report): Dancing Queen--ABBA (8th week at #1)

#1 single in Japan (Oricon Singles Chart): Pearl Color ni Yurete--Momoe Yamaguchi (4th week at #1)

#1 single in Spain (PROMUSICAE): El Jardín Prohibido--Sandro Giacobbe (12th week at #1)

Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the National Theatre on the South Bank in London after years of delays.

U.S.S.R. leader Leonid Brezhnev announced a possible record grain harvest, after a disastrous harvest in 1975. He said that the pace of detente had slowed.

30 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Italy (FIMI): Holiday Rap--M.C. Miker G & D.J. Sven

#1 single in Flanders (Ultratop 50): The Final Countdown--Europe (3rd week at #1)

#1 single in the Netherlands (De Nederlandse Top 40): Take My Breath Away--Berlin

#1 single in Ireland (IRMA): All I Ask of You--Cliff Richard and Sarah Brightman

#1 single in the U.K. (New Musical Express): Every Loser Wins--Nick Berry

#1 single in the U.S.A. (Billboard): True Colors--Cyndi Lauper

U.S. top 10 (Cash Box)
1 Typical Male--Tina Turner
2 True Colors--Cyndi Lauper
3 When I Think of You--Janet Jackson
4 Heartbeat--Don Johnson
5 I Didn't Mean to Turn You On--Robert Palmer
6 Throwing it All Away--Genesis
7 Two of Hearts--Stacey Q
8 Amanda--Boston
9 Human--Human League
10 All Cried Out--Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force

Singles entering the chart were Is This Love by Survivor (#71); Don't Stand so Close to Me '86 by the Police (#75); Love is Forever by Billy Ocean (#79); More than Physical by Bananarama (#80); The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades by Timbuk 3 (#81); Nail it to the Wall by Stacy Lattisaw (#86); You Be Illin' by Run-D.M.C. (#89); and Like Flames by Berlin (#90).

Canada’s top 10 (RPM)
1 The Lady in Red--Chris de Burgh
2 Spirit in the Sky--Doctor and the Medics
3 Rumors--Timex Social Club
4 True Colors--Cyndi Lauper
5 Friends and Lovers--Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson
6 Walk This Way--Run D.M.C.
7 Stuck with You--Huey Lewis and the News
8 When I Think of You--Janet Jackson
9 Take My Breath Away--Berlin
10 Heartbeat--Don Johnson

Singles entering the chart were Heartache All Over the World by Elton John (#74); Hip to Be Square by Huey Lewis and the News (#80); Don't Stand so Close to Me '86 by the Police (#86); (Sing) Our Own Song by UB40 (#89); Where Did Your Heart Go? by Wham! (#94); and Where's the Fire by Tim Feehan (#97).

Died on this date
Forrest Tucker, 67
. U.S. actor. Mr. Tucker appeared in numerous movies--often Westerns and war movies--and television programs. He played Harold Hill in the national production of The Music Man in the 1950s, but was perhaps best known for playing Sergeant Morgan O'Rourke in the television comedy series F Troop (1965-1967). Mr. Tucker died of throat cancer.

Edmonton (12-4) 20 @ Winnipeg (11-5) 42

John Hufnagel passed for 420 yards and the Blue Bombers amassed 551 yards in total offense before 32,946 fans at Winnipeg Stadium to end the Eskimos' 7-game winning streak. The Eskimos had won the first game between the teams 33-5 at Commonwealth Stadium on August 15, and the Blue Bombers wanted to make up the deficit, since points for and against each other would be used to decide which team finished ahead in the standings in case they should finish the season with the same record. Winnipeg very nearly accomplished what had appeared nearly impossible, but were stopped late in the game on the Eskimos' 3-yard line. Had the Blue Bombers scored a converted touchdown and not permitted any further Edmonton scoring, they would have won the total points battle.

Alberta (1-6) 25 @ British Columbia 31

World Series
Boston Red Sox 5 @ New York Mets 6 (10 innings) (Best-of-seven series tied 3-3)

The Red Sox broke a 3-3 tie with 2 runs in the top of the 10th inning, and Boston relief pitcher Calvin Schiraldi retired the first 2 batters in the bottom of the 10th, and had 2 strikes on Gary Carter. However, Mr. Carter singled, and advanced to second base on a single by pinch hitter Kevin Mitchell. Ray Knight, the next batter, singled on a no balls-2 strikes count to drive in Mr. Carter and advance Mr. Mitchell to third base. Bob Stanley then came on to pitch for the Red Sox and threw a wild pitch that allowed Mr. Mitchell to score the tying run, with Mr. Knight advancing to second. The next batter, Mookie Wilson, worked Mr. Stanley for 10 pitches before hitting a slow ground ball to Boston first baseman Bill Buckner. The ball went between Mr. Buckner's legs, and the error allowed Mr. Knight to score the winning run. Rick Aguilera was the winning pitcher, while Mr. Schiraldi was charged with the loss.

25 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Germany (Media Control): (Everything I Do) I Do it for You--Bryan Adams (3rd week at #1)

Died on this date
Bill Graham, 60
. German-born U.S. concert promoter. Mr. Graham, born Wulf Wolodia Grajonca, was sent to France in 1939 and later to the United States in order to escape the Nazi regime in Germany. He was known for promoting concerts in San Francisco at the Fillmore Auditorium (1965-1968) and Fillmore West (1968-1971), and in New York at the Fillmore East (1968-1971). Mr. Graham was killed, with girlfriend Melissa Goold, and pilot Steve Kahn, in a helicopter crash west of Vallejo, California.

20 years ago

Hit parade
#1 single in Germany (Media Control): Zehn kleine Jägermeister--Die Toten Hosen (3rd week at #1)

#1 single in Sweden (Topplistan): Free Like a Flying Demon--E-type

Hamilton (8-9) 41 @ Montreal (11-6) 45 (OT)

Hamilton quarterback Anthony Calvillo set a team record with 542 yards passing, but surrendered 4 interceptions, and the Alouettes outscored the Tiger-Cats 7-3 in overtime before 20,231 fans at Olympic Stadium.

10 years ago

World Series
Detroit Tigers @ St. Louis Cardinals (postponed, rain) (St. Louis led best-of-seven series 2-1)

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